Dad’s delight at big success of Clare’s Law

Dad Michael Brown campaigned for the law after his daughter was killed. (d521f348)
Dad Michael Brown campaigned for the law after his daughter was killed. (d521f348)

The father of a woman murdered by an abusive partner is ‘tickled pink’ at the success of a law that has revealed the pasts of more than 1,300 potentially violent partners.

Batley man Michael Brown was a key campaigner for Clare’s Law, which allows people to request information on a partner if they suspect they have a violent past.

He said: “I am delighted – it was really beyond my expectations, especially considering these are some of the first figures, and I’m sure it will only go from strength to strength.

“Myself and the ladies behind me are tickled pink.”

The scheme was named after Mr Brown’s daughter, Clare Wood, who was murdered by her ex-boyfriend George Appleby in 2009.

Appleby had a history of domestic violence that Clare did not know about.

Since the scheme was rolled out less than a year ago West Yorkshire Police has received 86 requests and has made 22 disclosures.

In Kirklees there have been 17 applications, one disclosure and three more applications are currently pending.

Throughout England and Wales there have been 3,760 applications and at least 1,335 disclosures under Clare’s Law, otherwise known as domestic violence prevention orders.

Det Chief Insp Peter Craig, of West Yorkshire Police’s Force Performance Improvement Unit, said: “Each request for disclosure is carefully considered on a case by case basis with a multi-agency meeting held with other safeguarding agencies such as the probation service, prison service and social services to consider any relevant information and ensure that any disclosure is lawful, necessary and proportionate.

“We would encourage anyone with such concerns to find out further information about the process on the West Yorkshire Police website, via 101 or by attending their local police station.”