Crash dummy demo teaches belt up message

BE SAFE: A crash  simulator shows the effect of a 30mph impact. (d14011149)
BE SAFE: A crash simulator shows the effect of a 30mph impact. (d14011149)
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DRIVERS have had the dangers of not buckling up graphically demonstrated to them.

Firefighters were at Asda, as part of the police and fire service’s Operation Focus, to show what can happen when you’re not strapped in. The effects of a crash were recreated using dummies and a special machine in the Mill Street West, Dewsbury, car park.

An adult-sized and baby-sized dummy travelled along the seatbelt ‘sledge’, coming to sudden stop when they reached around 30mph.

Steve Fealey of West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue said: “Seatbelts are provided for a specific reason – to save lives. I’d like to know why people choose not to wear them.

“Overcrowding of vehicles is also a concern as it puts the lives of all the occupants at risk by not permitting them to have a seatbelt each.

“Op Focus is an excellent opportunity for lots of agencies to demonstrate that we all play for the same team when addressing the needs of communities.”

Inspector Jenny Thompson said: “The issue of people not wearing seatbelts is something that has been raised as a concern by people who have attended partners and communities together meetings in the Dewsbury South area.”

Also as part of Operation Focus – a scheme where agencies work together to target specific areas – police made several arrests when they set up security arches in Dewsbury’s bus and train stations.

The arches were manned by police and staff from the UK Border Agency. At the train station, 486 commuters went through the arch,

There were three arrests for immigration, theft and public order offences and two street cautions for commuters with cannabis.

Ten people were stopped by police, and eight of them were searched.

At the bus station, 1543 people went through police arches.

Two men were arrested for immigration offences and a 17-year-old male was arrested for theft.

Officers also issued more than 50 fines and seized eight vehicles when the operation focused on motoring offences in Savile Town.