Crib display made £3k for charity

AN exhibition of cribs from all parts of the globe sparked a fundraising bonanza for Dewsbury Minster.

The display – by TV personality Libby Purves – raised £3,260 which the Minster will donate to the Children’s Society.

Crowds flocked to the minster last November to see the cribs Libby has collected from all over the world, depicting how different cultures view the nativity.

The Rev Canon Kevin Partington said: “This was an excellent result. We are delighted. We hope the money will be spent in local areas to help vulnerable young people who are at risk for whatever reason.

“The cribs had never been here before and it drew a lot of interest.

“We support the Children’s Society every year but events such as this are few and far between.

“We are grateful for all the support we received. The exhibition was a fantastic initiative. A huge thank-you to all those who helped.”

Libby has been collecting cribs for years since she bought one on holiday and displays them to raise money for charities.