Council bins need ‘hiding away’

Wheeled bins and recycling boxes supplied to households by local authorities have been dubbed unsightly, spoiling the appearance of homes and need ‘hiding away’ in a nationwide survey.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 24th September 2015, 2:39 pm

The survey, conducted by the world’s largest outdoor storage company Keter, has found that homeowners across the UK feel strongly about the negative impact they are having on the appearance of their properties.

More than 800 homeowners participated in the online survey with almost 70% perceiving that there is a problem and that council supplied wheeled bins and recycling boxes are so ugly they need to be hidden from view.

Over two-thir of respondents had more than one wheelied bin, which emphasises the physical scale of the problem. A staggering 71% stated that they would consider purchasing a storage solution to hide them away from view.

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“We all know anecdotally from our own personal experiences that there are a lot of wheeled bins out there, but it has generally been difficult to quantify the size of the problem because of the number of councils and their different programmes, said Craig Saul, marketing manager at Keter. “Our survey now starts to put some numbers down on the scale of the problem.

“It is not surprising that almost all the survey respondents agreed a neat and tidy garden adds value to a property. With the number of council supplied wheeled bins and recycling boxes ever increasing, homeowners are prepared to look at alternative options to maintain the look of their property to ensure it holds its value.

“Currently the rear of the garden in the open or the side of the property are where most are keeping their bins. A number do leave them at the front, but the bottom line is that very few are truly out of sight. And despite them getting dirty and smelly over time, our survey found 29% (of 807 respondents) clean theirs less than once a month and an astonishing 35% said they never clean their wheeled bins at all!”