Concern over home idea

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A COMPANY planning a mental health rehabilitation centre in Earlsheaton has assured local people all patients will be fully assessed before they are admitted.

Montpelier Estates want to build a 32-bed care home offering rehabilitation for people recovering from mental health problems on a site in York Road.

But objections have been received about the open nature of the development and traffic issues.

One reader told the Reporter that they were worried it was too close to Earlsheaton Technology College and Bywell Junior School.

He said: “We have nothing personal against mentally ill people but the proximity of two schools is very worrying. How is it possible to grant planning permission for this venture?”

The application for a care home with landscaping and parking was originally due to be considered by councillors in March, but it was deferred until a later date. It had been recommended for approval by officers.

A Montpelier Estates spokeswoman said: “Planning permission has been deferred on this important project, which will see the creation of more than 80 jobs and an injection of £2m in annual revenue to the local economy.”

She said almost 300 information leaflets had been distributed locally and to the school, resulting in two comments which were responded to personally.

She said: “This rehabilitation centre will support local people who are recovering from mental illness. Each patient will undergo full and comprehensive assessment of their mental and physical health prior to admission; regularly whilst in care and again prior to discharge. Only those people assessed as being well enough to be in the community will spend time at the facility.”