Come on, let’s bloom!

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EACH year I undertake to go on the Hopton in Bloom garden trail walk.

It always makes me smile at the eccentric and wonderfully quirky way the way we English promote such delightful occasions.

I have often wondered why Mirfield – that place t’other side of t’river – doesn’t do something similar any more.

There are quite a few good places worthy of a mention, as I travel to work and queue up Sunnybank it is always a cheery occasion to gaze at the stunning display of chrystanthemums at one roadside bungalow.

As both my partner and I like the occasional real ale, we call in at the Old Colonial where there is an array of gardens, baskets, troughs, tubs and boxes bursting with the colours of a balmy English summer.

Talk about booze and blooms, I think they have borrowed the head gardener from Ancient Babylon!

Come on, Mirfield, let’s revive the Mirfield in Bloom tour.