Column: Batley Business Association chairman Andrew Marsden

ARTS SCENE Batley Town Hall regularly hosts theatrical productions.
ARTS SCENE Batley Town Hall regularly hosts theatrical productions.

What do the Battle of Pearl Harbour and the first heart transplant have in common? The answer may surprise you.

They were both re-enacted (rather confusingly with more or less the same end result) by the pinnacle of amateur dramatic performance that was the Batley Townswomen’s Guild, as made famous by Monty Python.

Well, the debatable acting skills of the Townswomen’s Guild may not still be with us, but to almost coin a for something completely similar, because the link between Batley and acting and the arts continues strongly.

Batley Town Hall is a fantastic venue and well served by local theatre groups. We are lucky to have a continuing programme of shows and performances through the year, from theatre to musical performances, also exhibitions and functions. It is a valuable and important town resource and hopefully one that Kirklees will continue to support and develop.

And it is not just the town hall that provides us with a place to go for some great entertainment. A quick look through the what’s on guide a few pages on in this paper will give you details of concerts, gigs, dances and more. There are numerous venues around the town where you can see some really good music and quite often with no entry fee.

And it is quite likely to be a local band or artist that you see. You will be pleasantly surprised by just how good these acts are, and who knows, maybe one day that same band you saw one Friday night down Batley will be selling out Wembley. Everybody has to start somewhere.

Fancy a dance? Well you will find that too. From the wide range of local dance groups through to strutting your stuff on the dance floor on a Saturday night.

So why not have a good look through the what’s on guide in this paper on page 42? Or why not check out that band you saw advertised in the local pub, because if you do you will find yourself having a good night’s entertainment in Batley.

And don’t forget to check out the shows at the town hall – if you are going to this week’s show you may just see a familiar face!