Church community plans get a boost

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A CHURCH has won a £15,000 grant to help it play a greater role in the community.

Mount Tabor Community Church was awarded the funding by Dewsbury Town and Valley Committee, on Tuesday, for a multi-use community room at its church in Shaw Cross. The church has also received £30,000 from recycling company Sita.

The grants will fund work to convert an upper room in the church. It will involve removing pews, installing a new hardwood floor, replacing heating and lighting systems, plastering and decorating.

The funds will also pay for a new entrance lobby and technology booth.

The church hopes the renovations will help meet local demand for low costs community rooms and generate income to help run the building.

A village community group was also awarded match-funding of £500 towards its history project at the same Committee meeting.

The cash will help Briestfield History and Community Group to buy equipment, including a laptop and projector. The equipment will be used by members to research and record village history, archive information, set up a website and publish a book.

A grant of £400 was given to Kirklees Countryside Unit for a £1,250 environmental education project.

Pupils at Headfield Junior School will team up with artist Amy Hirst to explore the new nature trail at Sparrow Wood Local Nature Reserve in Savile Town. It is hoped that the project will encourage wider use of the reserve by the community and teach the children about looking after their local environment.

And councillors also approved £1,000 for a summer planting scheme for Dewsbury Town Centre.

It will pay for 21 barrels of flowers.