Christmas wish from Sam

Sam Bottomley is more excited than most about Christmas.

The Lower Hopton seven-year-old, who earlier this year had a life-changing operation to help him learn to walk unaided, is looking forward to his first Christmas standing on his own two feet.

And Sam has been busy with his pen, writing not one but SIX letters to Santa.

“He is just so excited about Christmas,” said Sam’s mother, Karen.

“I think he wrote the six letters just in case the other five get lost on their way to Santa. He always comes with me to make sure I’ve put them in the postbox!”

Sam was born with Cerebral Palsy and had been unable to walk unaided.

After a mammoth effort this year, the people of 
Mirfield raise above and beyond the £35,000 needed for an operation on the muscles in his legs that could eventually help him walk without any support.

On his improvement, Mrs Bottomley said: “He is doing fine – we are definitely seeing more flexibility in his ankles, which is always a good thing.

“He has physio twice a week. At first he struggled a bit because like any seven-year-old boy he doesn’t like having to do work, but over time he has come to enjoy it more.”

Sam has also taken a keen interest in horse-riding.

“We do it as part of his therapy and he is really enjoying it,” added Mrs Bottomley.

“He likes the bigger animals – his dad works on a farm and Sam always says ‘hello’ to the cows!”

“At the moment I think it is all about getting Christmas out of the way and really get going with his walking.

“He’ll be getting on his treadmill and excercise bike in the new year and we are hoping it will be a big one for him.”