Christmas trees removed from Batley and Dewsbury town centres after high winds

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DAMAGED Christmas trees in Batley and Dewsbury town centres are to be replaced.

The trunks of both trees split during high winds yesterday (Thursday) afternoon.

Batley’s towering tree snapped, sending the tree and its lights crashing to the ground.

Two witnesses claimed they were almost crushed by the falling tree as they crossed Commercial Street.

Heather Sykes, 19, of Wilton, said: “We were just crossing over the road when we heard a creaking sound and it came down as we were walking across.”

Thomas Wood, 18, of Central Estate, Batley, said: “A police officer said the root snapped.

“It should have been on a level surface.”

Kirklees parks and recreation workers took the Batley tree away yesterday.

Although Dewsbury’s tree was still standing, teams decided it was not safe to leave it in place.

Workers are taking the tree down this afternoon, and hope to have a smaller 22ft tree in place for tomorrow’s lights switch on.

A second 22ft tree is expected to be put up in Batley on Monday in preparation for the town’s Christmas lights event on Thursday.

The Christmas tree in Earlsheaton, Dewsbury, also fell over as a result of the strong winds.