Chickenly woman distraught after dog stolen for possible eBay sale

Elaine Ellins with a poster showing her missing dog. (d02121208)
Elaine Ellins with a poster showing her missing dog. (d02121208)

A DISTRAUGHT dog owner is pleading for the return of her precious pet who was stolen near her home.

Elaine Ellins is leaving no stone unturned in the search for 10-month-old pug Ellie, who had been a real comfort since the death of her husband.

Mrs Ellins fears the £1,000 dog has been snatched to make money by selling her.

And police are studying a report that Ellie might have been put up for sale on eBay.

Mrs Ellins is particularly upset at not knowing what has happened to the pet. “I only hope whoever has her loves her as much as we do,” said Mrs Ellins.

The pug was taken around midday last Friday. A workman opened the door to Mrs Ellins’ Chickenley home and Ellie ran out on to Hazel Crescent park.

A friend saw Ellie run out and said she also saw a silver Transit van with a red triangle on the back which had already driven past once. The van turned up again and a man got out, whistled for the dog, put her in the back and drove off.

Mrs Ellins describes Ellie as ‘a little fat thing’, fawn in colour with black or darker hair across her back. She was wearing a pink diamante collar.

Mrs Ellins has just taken over the Shoulder of Mutton pub at Gawthorpe as a way to move on since her husband, Dave, died suddenly last July at the age of 55.

She is willing to pay a reward for information leading to Ellie’s return and has put up posters with a picture and details of what happened.

“Ellie was such a comfort,” she said. “I can’t replace her. She is deeply missed by all the family.”

A police spokesman said: “Enquiries are ongoing.” Anyone with information should contact officers via 101 or Mrs Ellins directly on 0779 128 7856.