Chance to chatter and natter at hospital cafe

TABLE TALK: The chatter and natter table at Dewsbury Hospital.
TABLE TALK: The chatter and natter table at Dewsbury Hospital.

Dewsbury and District Hospital has introduced a chatter and natter table in its volunteer cafe.

The aim of the chatter and natter table is to reduce loneliness and get people talking.

The initiative helps create a safe place for people to chat and interact with others.

The cafe is located in the main Ridings Hospital building.

The chatter and natter concept is part of the Chatty Cafe scheme, conceived by Alexandra Hoskyn in 2017.

The initiative was launched after Ms Hoskyn saw an elderly lady sitting alone in a supermarket cafe and the scheme has been adopted across the country with more than 100 independent cafes in operation.

Vikki Padgett, head of voluntary services at The Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust, who led the introduction of the scheme to the volunteer cafe at Dewsbury Hospital, said: “The chatter and natter table is a fantastic initiative that we are very proud to be involved with. We have a great sense of community here in Dewsbury and hope that our new table will bring local people together.

“Cafe volunteers already have a pastoral aspect to their role, welcoming patients and visitors with a friendly smile and conversation.

“I believe the chatter and natter table will add to our great volunteer service.”

Ms Hoskyn said; “I am thrilled that the Voluntary Services team at Dewsbury and District Hospital have introduced the scheme to their cafe.

“It is great to have their support and I look forward to supporting them in the near future.”