Cathryn walks the cobbles as Coronation Street’s registrar

Cathryn Riley.
Cathryn Riley.

Cathryn Riley loves her day job as a registrar, officiating at the happiest day of many couples’ lives.

And you might just recognise a few of them – as Cathryn has recently acted as registrar on weddings in Coronation Street.

Rob and Tracy's wedding, Coronation Street.

Rob and Tracy's wedding, Coronation Street.

The mother-of-two has had a sneak peek into the world of Weatherfield, overseeing Rob and Tracy’s wedding that never quite was, and more recently, Kirk and Beth’s eccentric 80s-style wedding.

“That was great fun,” said Cathryn, of Lower Hopton, Mirfield. “It was a lovely day.

“There was a bit of sadness as it was the week Anne Kirkbride (Deidre Barlow) died, but everyone was so friendly.

“They were also asking about my job and wanted to hear what it was like.”

Cathryn, 49, even gave the cast and crew insider tips on the finer details.

“I was able to say ‘well, it wouldn’t happen quite like that’ – so I was able to make it a more realistic situation for them.”

Cathryn has also filmed another Corrie wedding that hasn’t been aired yet. She couldn’t say any more, but she does have a speaking part.

“That was nice because you feel a bit more involved and part of the story.”

Cathryn is Kirklees Council’s deputy registrar and has married more than 100 couples since starting the job four years ago.

She also registers births and deaths and carries out naming and citizenship ceremonies.

“I love my job,” she said. “It’s an honour to be present at the main events in people’s lives.”

Cathryn and other members of the team perform the ceremonies in Dewsbury and Huddersfield town halls, as well as other approved venues such as Oakwell Hall and Healds Hall in Liversedge.

“It’s great to be part of someone’s special day – no two days are the same and every wedding is different,” she added.

Cathryn has been an extra for TV and adverts for 17 years and has performed in am-dram throughout the district.

She has also appeared in Heartbeat spin-off The Royal as a nurse for six years.

She is mum to Jack, 16, and daughter, Katie-Faye, 19. Clearly inspired by her mother, Katie-Faye is studying musical theatre in London.

Cathryn also switched roles for another performance that has yet to be aired – as a bride in Cucumber, which is on Channel 4.

But acting is a notoriously tough profession to make a living from and Cathryn will be sticking to the day job for the most part.

“This is my job,” she said. “It’s what I love to do!”