Canal rescue drama

A YOUNG woman was rescued in an early morning canal drama in Dewsbury.

After a good samaritan sounded the alarm, fire crews hauled the 20-year-old from the water near the Ravensthorpe power station on Tuesday.

The woman was suffering from hypothermia. But mystery surrounds how she came to be in the canal in the first place.

Rescuers were called to the canal lock area off Calder Road at 6.40am. A local man walking along the bank heard the woman screaming and saw she was up to her waist in water. He tried to get her out but failed and then called 999. The woman was holding on to tree branches until help arrived.

Cleckheaton station commander Mark Hitchcock said: “She must have been fully submerged at some point as her hair was wet. She was almost at the canalside when we hauled her out, but we could only just reach her. She was in shock and a bit of a state.”

The woman was taken to Dewsbury and District Hospital.

A helicopter was called out to help locate the woman and water rescue crews at three other stations were on standby. Rescuers had to cut padlocks to access routes to Newlay Concrete and the power station to get to the scene.

Mr Hitchcock said: “It is a mystery as to just what took place. We are waiting to hear from the women herself.”

Police said the woman was now fit and well and the incident was being investigated.