Call for rogue parkers to act considerately

Holly Bank, Hemsworth.
Holly Bank, Hemsworth.

A call for action has been made after ‘inconsiderate’ drivers parked their cars on pavements causing problems for pedestrians.

Roy Attwood, 70, of Holly Bank Hemsworth, is disabled and has said he has been battling against rogue parkers for several years.

Drivers block off the path near his home and on Wakefield Road, also in Hemsworth, near to the fire station and family centre. He has been forced to ride his scooter on the road because of this and said “enough is enough”.

He said: “It’s so dangerous, I’m being forced to put my life in danger because these drivers are parking like this. It’s so inconsiderate. They aren’t thinking of people like me, or those with pushchairs, who need and rely on the paths.”

“I’ve complained to the police, the council and to the family centre but nothing is being done to stop to it.”

Inspector Geoff Carter from the South East neighbourhood policing team said parking was an issue they were trying to resolve.

He said: “It is something we are monitoring and initially warning notices will be handed out to try and stop people parking in the pavement, and if this did not stop the problem, drivers will be given fines for obstructing the path.”

Hemsworth MP Jon Trickett said: “I am sure if the individuals who were parking on the pavement realised they were inhibiting individuals with mobility issues from getting around they would think twice about it.”