We find the cheap fuel

Prices at the BP petrol station in Bradford Road, Liversedge on January 6 2011.
Prices at the BP petrol station in Bradford Road, Liversedge on January 6 2011.

Less than a year ago, you wouldn’t pay much more than a pound for a litre of petrol.

Today, you won’t find such low prices anywhere in North Kirklees.

With oil prices steadily rising again, and recent increases in VAT and fuel duty, the prices at the pumps don’t show any signs of shrinking.

This is bad news for those who are keeping a close eye on their bank balances in these tough economic times.

With these concerns in mind, the Reporter Series has picked six filling stations across our area, and over the next 12 months, we’ll be watching the way prices change.

The owner of one of the garages we contacted has seen fuel prices rise dramatically in the nearly 40 years that he has been in business.

Solly Adam, who runs the Texaco garage in Savile Town, Dewsbury said that when he started selling petrol, in 1972, a gallon cost 35p. The price of a gallon of petrol is now approaching £6.

He said: “It amazes me, only a couple of years ago, when petrol prices went up by 4p, there was a national strike.

“Now, within eight months it has gone up nearly 13p and nobody says a word.

“Something has to be done, otherwise all similar business people will be affected. Enough is enough.”

Mr Adam said he would like to see the government take stricter control of fuel prices, by setting a price that all garages must trade at.

Of the filling stations in North Kirklees that we visited, the BP station in Bradford Road, Liversedge, was the most expensive.

Last week, it was selling unleaded petrol at 128.9p a litre, and diesel at 132.9p a litre.

The cheapest filling station we located was the Jet station in Leeds Road, Shaw Cross, Dewsbury.

It was selling unleaded petrol at 125.9p a litre and diesel at 129.9p a litre.

Throughout 2011, the Reporter Series will publish regular updates on the prices at each of the six filling stations listed in the table.