Solicitor’s plea for you to get affairs in order

Batley Business Association chairman Andrew Marsden. (d622a426)
Batley Business Association chairman Andrew Marsden. (d622a426)

A Batley branch of solicitors have urged families to take action over their power of attorney so they do not face a costly two-year wait.

Brearleys, in Brunswick Street, have noticed more people failing to apply for “lasting power of attorney” – a document allowing someone to appoint another person to deal with their financial and property or heath affairs – while their relatives are deemed to be at full mental capacity.

Once they are passed this point, which could be because of the effects of a condition like dementia or an accident, the person cannot give theirconsent.

Families would then have to apply for the swap through the Court of Protection, which can take around two years, involves expensive bills and it could be rejected.

Suzy Singh-Bhaker, a solicitor at Brearleys, said: “A lasting power of attorney is important to have in place.

“What we see more and more is that we get adult children saying ‘My mum and dad aren’t right’.”

By this point, they will not have the option to simply make the arrangement with a solicitor.

“I would say it’s never too soon to make a lasting power of attorney. Make it in the hope it is never going to be needed. Nobody knows when capacity is going to be lost.”

“It’s really frustrating when children say, ‘My mum or dad was going to do this a few years ago.’”

Suzy said Brearleys can offer free advice.