Job service helps leave past behind

CoAchieve, Huddersfield.  (d620a508)
CoAchieve, Huddersfield. (d620a508)

Employers are being called on to offer placements for a service which helps people find work after drink and drug problems.

CoAchieve, which is based in Huddersfield but also operate in Dewsbury, work with clients who are having a hard time getting a job.

Peter Inglis, 49, from Dewsbury, was referred last year after seeking help for his drink problem.

“They helped me with writing CVs and covering letters. They sent my CV to an employer and I was invited to go for an interview,” he said.

“I was a bit nervous about the interviews so they arranged for it to be informal.”

He was successful and is now nearly 12 weeks into his new job as a home care worker in Leeds.

“I am really enjoying it,” he said. “CoAchieve were more successful at finding me work than any other places I had been to.”

The work placements must be paid and for a minimum of 16 hours.

CoAchieve, which is managed by Horton Housing, allows employers to find willing workers who may be overlooked because of their past problems.

Head of training services Kate Corner, 45, said: “The employers we have worked with so far have been very supportive and pleased with the quality of the client’s work and their attitude to work.”

There is an open day for employers on Friday March 6 from 9.30am-12.30pm in Standard House, Half Moon Street in Huddersfield. Email