Bar man hopes to cast a spell

Chris Ingham is now a trained hypnotherapist.  (d625a449)
Chris Ingham is now a trained hypnotherapist. (d625a449)

A Batley bar owner will be putting his customers under a spell this weekend.

Club and pub scene legend Chris Ingram is introducing a new attraction to The Bank bar in Hick Lane – hypnosis.

Chris will be asking for volunteers to surrender to his powers of suggestion on Saturday night, using the skills he learnt on a 10 month hypnotherapy course.

Chris promised the half-hour show would be light-hearted fun and that no one would be walking home thinking they were a chicken.

“It’s all positive thinking and positive suggestion and I make sure that the volunteers are fully out of hypnosis at the end, with no after-effects,” he said.

Stage hypnotists can charge up to £300 per show, so Chris, a veteran of Batley’s Golden Mile, decided to take up the training himself.

“I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my training,” he said. “It’s a fascinating subject and I’ve met some really interesting people.”

The Bank has been licensed by the council for the shows and Chris, who has two daughters and two grandchildren, is fully insured.

And Chris is hoping to use his new found skill to branch out by setting up a new venture specialising in clinical therapy – helping to treat problems such as weight loss, smoking, phobias, insomnia and anxiety.

“Hypnosis can be very powerful and it can be used to help change people’s lives in many ways,” Chris added.

It is hoped Tranquility Hypnosis will be up and running in the new year, with Chris providing sessions in a refurbished room at the rear of The Bank.

The hypnosis show starts at 9pm next Saturday at The Bank and will run every Saturday throughout December.

Visit www.tranquility-hypnosis to find out more about what Chris can offer.