Break-ins drop by 80 per cent

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BREAK-INS have dropped by 80 per cent in parts of Dewsbury after a police crack-down.

Sgt Neil Willans has been leading the project in the Dewsbury Moor, Westborough and Westtown areas.

He said: “The figures for burglaries were going the wrong way – upwards.”

Thieves were tending to strike mornings and afternoons, so PCSOs and high-visibility officers targeted these times, along with plain clothes police.

“We have now seen break-ins drop by 80 per cent,” said Sgt Willans.

In a six-week period, there were 34 burglaries. Between February 9 and March 1 this had fallen to four.

A 25-year-old local man has been arrested and is in custody awaiting court appearances.

Nearly 30 people have been stop-searched and 21 checks made on known offenders. There have been arrests for various offences, including possession of cannabis.

Sgt Willans said: “I hope people have noticed the extra police presence, although we are not seen to be flooding the area as many officers are in plain clothes.

“We want to catch burglars and the message to the community is: we are working on it.

“We have arrested some very bad people.”

Thieves have been getting into homes through unlocked doors mainly and taking items like laptops, cash and jewellery.

Insp Jenny Thompson said: “This is all about residents complaining about burglaries and the police responding to their concerns.

“Officer shifts have been more flexible so they can be around when offences are taking place.”

Sgt Willans said the ongoing action would spread to other parts of the town.