Birstall pensioner appeals after losing puppy

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A Birstall pensioner has appealed for information after losing her beloved dog Pongo for a second time.

The six-month-old black pedigree Labrador puppy was lost on Wednesday December 3 nearDrighlington bypass, but later found.

Owner Betty Riach, 78, of Field Head Lane, was contacted by the Dog Warden, after she had told them about losing him.

They put her in touch with the woman, also from Birstall, who found Pongo.

After arranging to return him, the lady asked Betty if she could take him for a walk around Oakwell Hall, in Nutter Lane, where he was lost again at around lunch time on Monday December 8.

People at the park searched for him all afternoon, and a woman was seen walking towards the car park near the Visitor’s Centre with a black Labrador on a red lead, and two other dogs, some hours later.

Betty, who lives with son Phillip, 40, said: “If I lost him I’d be very disappointed, because I love him. I think he’s beautiful.

“I just got so attached, I’ve always been brought up with dogs – he’s my pride and joy.”

Betty has only had Pongo since August. He has curly hair on his back with a white spot on his front, and wore a blue collar.

The Dog Warden has been told. If you have any information, call Betty on 01924 441982.