Batley Bulldogs raise £30,000 for breast cancer charity thanks to pink weekends

Batley Bulldogs have confirmed over £30,000 has been raised from their annual Pink Weekends.

The events, which have been staged in August for the past three years, are held to raise money for Breast Cancer Charity.

Club chairman Kevin Nicholas hailed the achievements of the club’s supporters.

“This is a fantastic achievement by the fans,” said Kevin.

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“Compared to some clubs we have a small fanbase but they have certainly dug deep to raise this amount of money.

“We thank everyone that has donated money over the last three years.”

The idea of the Pink weekend came after watching an Australian cricket match one Christmas.

Money was being raised in memory of Jane McGrath, the wife of Glenn McGrath, who died of Breast Cancer in 2008.

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Then, after a couple of female Batley fans were diagnosed with Breast Cancer, club officials wanted to do their own fundraiser and came up with the Pink Weekend idea.

Kevin added: “Nobody thought when the idea was raised that £30,000 would be raised in three years.

“Breast Cancer affects one in eight women and a smaller amount of men.

“Everyone knows someone affected by this disease, whether it be the partners of the diagnosed, their children, their family or their friends and we hope in our small way to not only raise awareness but also to raise money and donate it to the charities that support all involved.

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“£30,000 is an amazing amount of money and again we thank all those who have donated.

“We want to continue raising money for these charities and next August the Pink weekend will be bigger and better.”