Back to folk roots

The Heathen Kings
The Heathen Kings
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FOR Batley-based singer and harp player Rachel Sutcliffe, folk music is a family affair.

Raised in Mirfield, her father and grandfather were both folk musicians. Rachel plays for Leeds folk band the Heathen Kings – and it’s where she feels most at home.

Rachel trained classically at university, but stopped playing after she left. “Then I started singing in folk clubs about seven years ago,” she said.

“It felt like going back to my roots. The music connects with me – you’re delivering real stories.”

The Heathen Kings’ sound consists of guitars, mandolins, harmonica, banjo, harp, bass, percussion and drums and ranges from high energy pieces to calm, tender duets and unaccompanied singing.

Their album Good at the Bad Things is available to download now from amazon, itunes and spotify.