Ambitious pupils on the lookout for the perfect job

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Hundreds of ambitious pupils stepped up their search for the perfect job at a careers fair.

More than 40 professionals including servicemen, police, architects, vets and Leeds University staff attended the annual event held at Thornhill Community Academy in Valley Drive, Dewsbury, on November 12.

The school’s head girl Leena Shaffik said: “It has been a great evening, I had the chance to speak with sixth forms, universities and different professions, helping me find out what grades I need to achieve and what courses I need to take to reach my goal of becoming a dentist.”

First-hand insight was given about specific career paths from the professionals and trainers. One of the academy’s aims is to prepare pupils for the worldof work and the event was targeted at broadening youngsters’ horizons.

It showcased the opportunities available to them and provided practical information about different careers options.

Event co-ordinator Linda Garside said: “Students benefit hugely from these events. The interest and engagement shown by the professionals was fantastic and provided a really valuable opportunity for students to do some preliminary research and planning for their futures.

“We thank all those involved enormously for their time and valuable contribution.”