Alt rock band Young Amphibians play final tour date

AMPHIBIOUS ANTHEMS Young Amphibians are reaching the end of a tour.
AMPHIBIOUS ANTHEMS Young Amphibians are reaching the end of a tour.

A rock band will conclude their tour in their home county after a successful stint supporting their debut EP.

The final gig of Young Amphibians’ tour will be at the Black Swan pub in Thornton Road, Bradford, tonight (Friday).

Lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist Thom Smith said: “People can expect high energy and a big, loud sound.”

The band, which consists of guitarist Ash Ingham, bassist Al Davies and drummer Bill Stowell, formed in January this year and released their first EP, Thought Control, in April.

Thom, from Heckmondwike, said: “We all have different musical influences. Mine are The Libertines, Kings of Leon and Radiohead, but Ash listens to heavier stuff like Metallica, Bill’s into the Smashing Pumpkins and Al likes prog rock.

“Our major influences as a band are Radiohead, the Pixies and the Smashing Pumpkins, but we don’t set out to write in a certain style, songs just end up that way as we develop them.

“A lot of the songs I write acoustically first and they evolve over time into a bigger sound, especially through playing them live.”

The EP is available to buy on iTunes or to stream on Spotify.

Thom said: “It won’t be long until we get the sales figures, but we think it’s gone well. A lot of people have picked it up at gigs.”

He said streaming services were helpful for smaller bands to get their music to wider audience.

“It’s a useful tool,” he said.“It’s helpful and we use it to promote our material, but I can see how it might be frustrating for bigger bands who are unable to make money from their music.”

Thom, 22, said the band had received a great response from audiences across the country.

Notable gigs over the year have included two shows in London, three in Manchester, six in Leeds and Mirfield’s very own M Fest in May.

Young Amphibians will release a video for Don’t Talk to Me (Like You Know Me) from the Thought Control EP on August 1, followed by a single later in the month.