Adopt an artist for free!

A local art programme is appealing to businesses in Kirklees to be part of a new community project.
ART ATTACK Artist Molly Hawkins at work. Picture:Elspeth Moore.ART ATTACK Artist Molly Hawkins at work. Picture:Elspeth Moore.
ART ATTACK Artist Molly Hawkins at work. Picture:Elspeth Moore.

Creative Scene, a Arts Council Creative People and Places project, is offering organisations the chance to get involved in its new Artist at Work scheme.

It is supported by a consortium including the Lawrence Batley Theatre in Huddersfield, Kirklees Council and the Batley Festival.

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The Artist at Work scheme invites businesses to host an artist at their premises and work with them to develop an idea that would suit the organisation’s ambitions.

The idea would be at the behest of the company itself and could range from aiming to engage customers, boost staff morale of connect with the local community.

Creative producer Vicky Holliday said: “The artist will deliver a programme of work with the business, involving its employees, customers or users. It could be anything - from music, drama or photography to writing, poetry, crafts or dance.

“Projects typically last between six weeks and four months. The project is designed to be easy and it’s entirely flexible, depending on how much time the business wants to put in and the sort of project we design together.”

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Creative Scene are fully funding the project at no cost to the businesses involved, with the aim of encouraging people and workers in North Kirklees to experience the arts.

Contact Vicky Holliday on 01924 437 966 or [email protected].