Acrobatic secrets 

SPELLBINDING: Moscow State Circus.
SPELLBINDING: Moscow State Circus.

A CLASSIC Russian novel is to be brought to life in a colourful explosion by Moscow State Circus.

Babushkin Secret is inspired by the legend of the 12 Chairs, and promises to take audiences on an incredible journey portrayed by the greatest circus performers on earth.

The story takes place in Soviet Russia in 1927, where a former nobleman is working as a desk clerk until his grandmother reveals on her deathbed that her family jewellery had been hidden from the Bolsheviks in one of the 12 chairs from the family’s dining room set – which had been seized along with her other possessions by the government after the Russian Revolution.

The desk clerk goes on a mission to find the set, and the show follows their quest as they track down the chairs one by one.

The show takes place at St George’s Hall, Bradford, From January 29-31. Tickets are from £12-£82. Ring 01274 432000.