A world record in the post!

Faster than a Lamborghini, pillar box red and its own private number plate – on paper, this world record breaking car sets pulses racing.

But there’s a surprise in store for petrolheads who get the chance to see this one-off motor in all its glory.

For the car that’s the talk of the drag racing circuit is actually a converted Postman Pat children’s ride, originally designed to stave off tantrums after a boring lap round the supermarket.

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The record was set by aptly-named drag racer Ben Rushforth, from Gomersal, after his friends David Taylor and Tom Armitage converted the ride into a drag car.

Ben, 30, said: “It all started because we wanted to make a few funny YouTube videos. Postman Pat was a childhood favourite. We bought it from Ebay for £250 and did it up.

“When I first got in it felt like it was tailor made for me. It’s a good job I am only 5ft 4ins, because my feet are on the front bumper and my back is against the back door.

“I didn’t think it would do 40mph, but we did 85mph in it. We thought, ‘100mph is achievable – we have got to go for it.”

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They managed to reach 98mph, but kept missing their target. They added laughing gas to give it a bit more power – and managed to hit 101.36mph.

SPEED DEMON Pat 1 in action.SPEED DEMON Pat 1 in action.
SPEED DEMON Pat 1 in action.

Former Whitcliffe Mount pupil Ben said: “It was fantastic. We were all ecstatic. We did it again to get proper confirmation.

“We had a lot of paperwork to fill in, and finally got confirmation last weekend we had broken the world record for the fastest vehicle made from a coin operated ride.

“It used to be a fully operational working ride that played the music and went back and forward.

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“Part of the rules say it has to have an unmodified body but it has a drag car chassis.

“It goes all over the place when you set off. It’s not something a novice could just get in – they would crash.

“I have 15 years’ racing experience and I’m an engine builder. It’s in my blood.”

Ben said the team’s next challenge was to drive a quarter of a mile in 11 seconds.

He said: “That would make it faster than most supercars.

“It’s already faster than a new Lamborghini at 0-60.

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“We have been invited to all the major drag strips in the country.

“We have set it up to race against a Mustang, a Porche, and a Subaru Impreza. I’ve never been beaten in it.

“We’ve raced against the world’s fastest mobility scooter and we beat them.

“It’s the most fun thing I’ve ever driven. Kids love it – they can’t believe someone made a real car out of a Postman Pat van.

“Adults are amazed that something so small can go so fast. My family thinks it’s crazy, but they love it.”

l Visit www.spenboroughguardian.co.uk to see the record breaking motor on the race track.

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