A Level results day 2016: Kirklees schools

A-LEVEL_RESULTS --- A-Level results day at Lady Lumley's School in Pickering. // Students celebrate getting results. Thursday 13th August 2015. HARRY ATKINSON
A-LEVEL_RESULTS --- A-Level results day at Lady Lumley's School in Pickering. // Students celebrate getting results. Thursday 13th August 2015. HARRY ATKINSON


A Levels:-

A Abed (geog, psychol*, rel studs); M Adam (rel studs, health and soc c, Urdu); S Ahmed (apld ICT, rel studs, urdu); U Ahmed (health and soc c, Urdu); S Akram (apld ICT, sociol*, Urdu); S Akudi (rel studs, health & soc c); A Arif (rel studs, health & soc c, maths); K Arif (FA maths, maths, phys); A Aswat (textiles health and soc c); K Aswat (health and soc c, Urdu; H Bi (health and soc, sports and PE); I Bashir (health and soc c, Urdu); A Bismillah (hist, rel studs, sociol); S Bismillah (sociol, health and soc c); A Cheema (Eng lang, Eng lit, Urdu); S Chen (health and soc c); A Daawie (Eng lit, hist, health and soc c); H Dabharia (Eng lit*, hist, sociol); R Daji (biol, Eng lang, hist); M Darr (fine art, Eng lit); H Dean (health and soc c), sports and PE); R Dhorat (photy, health and soc c); H Hafejee (rel studs, health and soc c); S Hafeji (hist, maths, phys); N Hafiji (Eng lang, hist, psychol); S Hafiji (econ and bus studs, Eng lang,psychol); H Hakim (textiles, health and soc c); A Hajat (econ and busi studs, sociol, health and soc c); A Hashmi (Eng lang, Eng lit, Urdu); M Hassan (rel studs, sociol, health and soc c); A Hussain (health and soc c); Ayesha Hussain (health and soc c); H Hussain (apld ICT, health and soc); M Hussain (apld ICT, health and soc c); H Iqbal (apld ICT, biol, chem); T Iqbal (psychol, health and soc c);

S Iqbal (health and soc c, sports and PE); A Javed (sociol, health and soc c); R Khan (biol, chem, maths); Zara Khan (apld ICT); Z Khan (health and soc c); A Karolia (sports and PE); M Kiani (psychol, sociol, Urdu); F Laher (Eng lang, sociol, health and soc c); M Lorgat (rel studs, health and soc c, Urdu); H Lunat (photy, geog; med studs); F Mahmood (Eng lang, sociol, health and soc c); Z Mahroof (rel studs, Urdu); K Mohammadova (Eng lang; F Mulla hist, health and soc c); L Nassir (Eng lang, Eng lit, hist); H Pandor (biol, Eng lit, hist); N Parveen (health and soc c, Urdu); S Parveen (rel studs, health and soc c, sports and PE; A Patel (econ and bus studs, Eng lang, rel studs); Aabidah Patel (fine art, Eng lit, geog); Aamirah Patel (health and soc c, Urdu); Amina Patel (textiles, fine art, photy);

Fatima Patel (rel studs, health and soc c); Fozia Patel (Eng lang, sociol, Urdu); H Patel (rel studs, sociol, health and soc c); Zahraa Patel (med studs, sports and PE; Z Patel (Eng lang, psychol, health and soc c); Zainab Patel (biol, fine art, health and soc c); A Raja (Eng lit, psychol, sociol); R Raje (Eng lit, rel studs); M Ramskill (fine art, photy, hist); A Ravat (psychol, health and soc c, Urdu);

F Ravat (apld ICT, health and soc c, Urdu); A Rawat (Eng lang, Eng lit, hist); H Rawat (Eng lang, sociol, health and soc c); S Rehman (Eng lang, sociol, health and soc c); L Rizwan (health and soc c, sports and PE); A Sacha (chem, psychol, Urdu); J Saiyed (hist, sociol, health and soc c); M Shah (Urdu, health and soc c); K Sharlala (Arabic, health and soc c, maths); S Shazad (health and soc c); A Tabassum (med studs); S Trew (med studs, sports and PE); H Vachhiat (biol, psychol, health and soc c); R Vachhiat (textiles); K Valimulla (Eng lang, hist, sociol).


N Abed (apld sci bt2, art and des bt); S Chen (apld sci b2t); A Daji (art and des bt); F Haladh (apld sci bt2); Z Khan (apld sci b2t); Z Mahmood (apld sci bt2); Zara Khan (art and des bt); Z Mahmood (apld sci bt2); K Mohammadova (apld sci bt2); Fojiya Patel (art and des bt); R Raje (art and des bt); S Shazad (apld sci bt2; A Tabassum (apld sci bt); R Vachhiat (art and des bt).


21 pupils sat A2 exams this year, the final cohort to do so before the sixth form closes and the school becomes a 4-16 free school.

Y Akudi (lw, psy, rs); I Ali (bs, cc, Eng lit); U Azhar (cc, gy, rs); I Brooke (ad, Eng lit, rs); H Giles (ad, p, psy); R Gill (cc, gy, h); R Hamid (bs, grade A, Eng lit, lw); U Javid (bi, cy, p); H Jogee (bs, cy, m); S Khan (bs, cc, h); L Mahmood (ad, bs, IT); O Marchant (cc grade A*, Eng lit grade A, psy grade A, rs grade A); E Mistry (cc, psy, rs); R Mulla (bs, it, lw); Z Nayyar (bi, cy, rs); K Patel (bi, bs, cy); T Patel (bi, bs, cy); L Tattersfield (bi, cy, rs); F Tauqir (bi, cy, m); Y Variava (bs, IT, lw); A Womack (cc grade A*, Eng lit grade A, h grade A*).


M Ackers (biol, chem, gov and politics); A Ahmad (biol, chem, geog); R Ahmad (Eng lit, gen studs, hist, psychol); U Ahmad (biol, chem, maths); A Akbar (busi studs, psychol, sociol); R Akbar (biol, gen studs, hist, psychol); A Akhtar (busi studs, psychol, sociol); A Akram (biol, chem, econ); Abdul Ali (biol, chem, rel studs); Areej Ali (biol, chem, maths); Arshah Ali (biol, chem, geog); D Ali (biol, chem, maths); H Ali (biol, chem, maths); Z Ali (biol, chem, psychol); J Allen (prod design, gen studs, maths, phys); D Amenyeanu (biol, econ, maths); K Amin (Eng lit, gen studs, psychol, sociol); Catriona Anderson (biol, psychol, sociol); Charlotte Anderson (chem, maths, phys); H Anwar (bus studs, econ, gen studs); N Archer (biol, chem, maths); M Arsany (biol, chem, phys); C Ashton (bus studs, geog); M Ashton (Eng lang, perf arts, psychol); G Aspindle (biol, geog, maths, PE); O Atkinson (econ, maths, frth maths, phys); G Aujla (bus studs, gen studs, apld ICT, gov and politics); A Azeem (biol, chem, maths, frth maths); M Badat (hist, gov and polits, rel studs); A Bailey (biol, bus studs, PE); S Balmforth (econ, Eng lang, maths); L Bamford (geog, gov and politics); R Banks (biol, chem, maths); K Barker (Eng lit, perf arts, psychol); M Basser (biol, psychol, sociol); O Beaumont (Eng lang, maths, psychol); L Bellwood (prod design, maths, phys); M Biakath (biol, chem, French); M Bilakhdi (bus studs, econ, apld ICT); D Blakeley (prod design, gen studs, geog, maths); K Bloom (bus studs, prod design, gen studs, psychol); I Bond (bus studs, gen studs, hist, psychol); D Bould (bus studs, econ, gen studs, psychol); D Boyd (biol, chem, comp); S Brackenridge (bus studs, Eng lit, geog); M Brooke (chem, Eng lit, gen studs, hist); E Brown (econ, Eng lit, perf arts); H Brown (busi studs, gen studs); L Brown (Eng lang, hist, sociol); J Buddle (biol, chem, psychol); A Bulsari (biol, Eng lang, psychol;) N Burns-Leigh (Eng lang, Eng lit, French); C Butcher (econ, French, gen studs, gov and politics); L Butcher (Eng lit, gen studs, hist, gov and politics); C Butterfield (econ, maths, phys); C Calvert (Eng lang, gen studs, psychol, sociol); C Chadwick (maths, psychol, sociol); R Chadwick (biol, chem, maths); A Chaudry (Eng lang, hist, psychol); A Cheema (biol, chem, maths); M Chopdat (biol, chem, econ); R Chopdat (maths, frth maths, psychol); A Clarke (Eng lit, gen studs, hist, perf arts); Samuel Clarke (bus studs, gen studs, geog, hist); Sophie Clarke (art and design, bus studs, Eng lit); A Cockfield (econ, hist, psychol); A Crane (biol, chem, maths); M Crossland (perf arts, psychol, sociol); E Dabhad (bus studs, econ, apld ICT); A Daji (biol, hist, psychol); V Dao (comp, maths, frth maths, phys); E Davey (biol, maths, PE); M Davies (maths, frth maths, phys); M Dawood (biol, prod design, gen studs, apld ICT); C Dee (comp, maths, frth maths, phys); C Deighton (geog, maths, psychol); K Dhangar (bus studs, econ, psychol); S Dhesi (biol, Eng lit, hist); P Dodgson (bus studs, geog, apld ICT); T Doughty (gen studs); S Doyle (prod design, apld ICT); B Duesbury (gen studs, maths, frth maths, phys); L Dykes (Eng lang, perf arts, sociol); A Edson (bus studs, Eng lit, gen studs, hist); M Ejaz (biol, chem, psychol); M Farooq (biol, chem, psychol); B Fascione (Eng lang, Eng lit, maths); B Fisher (biol, Eng lit, maths); B Foulds (Eng lang, Eng lit, gov and politics); C Gallagher (bus studs, econ, hist); B Garside (chem, maths, phys); A Gokalia (Eng lang, psychol, sociol); D Gordon (comp, maths, phys); B Gordon-Taylor (Eng lit, hist, sociol); J Gregory (biol, chem, maths); K Grimwade (gen studs, maths, frth mats, phys); J Guest (maths, frth maths, phys); A Gunn (comp, maths, phys); K Hafez (Eng lang, psychol, rel studs); A Hafiji (biol, chem, gen studs, psychol); A Haider (biol, chem, psychol); Z Hallett (biol, econ, maths, frth maths); L Hanson (econ, gen studs); T Helliwell (biol, gen studs, hist, psychol); L Helliwell-Wilson (art and design, perf arts, phys); L Hill (econ, Eng lit, sociol); M Holliday (chem, gen studs, maths, phys); R Horvath (comp, maths, frth maths, phys); C Hoyle (biol, Eng lit, perf arts); Adil Hussain (biol, chem, maths); Amarah Hussain (gen studs, German, psychol, sociol); E Hussain (Eng lit, rel studs, sociol); H Hussain (biol, chem, econ); S Hussain (bus studs, Eng lit, gen studs); U Hussain (chem, maths, frth maths); Z Hussain (biol, chem, psychol); G Ingram-Hardwick (hist, maths, phys); E Jackson (hist, psychol, sociol); G Jarvis (biol, chem, psychol); A Jassal (biol, chem, hist, maths); A Jolly (Eng lit, music, perf arts); C Jowett (perf arts, psychol, sociol); C Jurban (biol, chem, maths); A Kaji (biol, chem, psychol); H Kamran (biol, econ, hist); T Kapoor (biol, chem, maths); M Karim (chem, maths, frth maths, phys); K Kaur (Eng lang, gen studs, apld ICT, sociol); E Kay (Eng lang, Eng lit, gen studs, sociol); J Kelly (comp, maths, frth maths, phys); K Kepski (biol, chem, maths); A Khan (bus studs, gov and politics, rel studs); J Khan (gen studs, hist, gov and politics, sociol); M Khan (Eng lang, Eng lit, sociol); R Khan (biol, chem, gen studs, maths); L Killey (bus studs, econ, gen studs, maths); H Laher (bus studs, econ, gen studs, hist); M Laher (biol, chem, psychol); J Layton (comp, maths, frth maths); C Leadbeater (chem, gen studs, hist, maths); Y Li (econ, maths, frth mats); A Loonat (biol, chem, maths); S Loonat (biol, gen studs, psychol); P Lord (chem, maths, frth maths, phys; A Lunat (chem, geog, maths); T Lundgren (biol, geog, maths); B Mackinnon (apld ICT, music); I Maguire (biol, geog, PE); A Mahmood (econ, psychol); S Mahmood (biol, chem, hist, maths); U Mahmood (Eng lang, Eng lit, gen studs); H Malek (biol, chem, maths); H Mamaniat (chem, prod design, maths); Mohammad Mamaniat (psychol, sociol);

Muhammad Mamaniat (bus studs, geog, apld ICT); Z Manga (biol, hist); M Maniar (bus studs, Eng lang, sociol); H Manion (biol, chem, gen studs, maths); R Marsh (Eng lit, hist, maths); B McCann (geog, hist, psychol); W McGough (bus studs, econ, maths); C McKenzie (comp, prod design, maths); J McNally (geog, maths, PE); H Mehmood (biol, chem, hist); J Mencattelli (bus studs, econ, maths); S Mistry (prod design, hist, sociol); U Mitha (bus studs, geog, maths); M Momoniat (biol, chem, maths); R Morris (biol, chem, maths, frth maths); H Motala (econ, hist, psychol); K Moxon (econ, geog, psychol); A Mulla (econ, hist, maths); H Naeem (chem, maths, frth maths, phys); T Nahim (biol, chem, psychol); M Nassir (biol, apld ICT); D Naylor (Eng lang, gen studs, hist, gov and polits); P Naylor (Eng lang, gen studs, hist, psychol); R Naylor (biol, maths, PE); I Nazam (biol, gen studs, maths, psychol); A Ngong (biol, chem, maths); T O’Donnell (econ, maths, frth maths); M Ola (maths, frth mats, phys); E Omojola (bus studs, Eng lang, psychol); R O’Rourke (Eng lang, Eng lit, gen studs, perf arts); E Padgett (Eng lit, gen studs, gov and politics, sociol); A Pakwashee (chem, maths, frth maths, phys); Q Patankar (comp, maths, frth maths); Aadil Patel (prod design, geog, apld ICT); Ameenah Patel (biol, chem, psychol); Arshad Patel (biol, chem, sociol); Hafsa Patel (psychol, rel studs, sociol); Humaira Patel (biol, chem, sociol); Huzaifah Patel (biol, phys); J Patel (econ, maths); M Patel (chem, maths, phys); R Patel (chem, psychol, sociol); H Pearce (biol, hist, psychol); K Phipps (maths, frth maths, psychol); E Pitchforth (art and des, biol, geog); T Pitchforth (chem, maths, frth maths, phys); C Pybus (art and des, biol, chem); C Radley-Scott (chem, maths, frth maths, phys); A Ravat (chem, maths, rel studs); N Rawat (biol, maths, psychol); A Razaq (biol, chem, psychol); L Reed (French, hist, gov and politics); H Riaz (psychol, PE); J Rostock (biol, geog, maths); A Rowell (chem, maths, phys); S RoyKundu (biol, chem, maths, phys); Z Saiyed (biol, chem, gen studs, psychol); A Samnani (biol, chem, gen studs, geog); P Sandom (bus studs, Eng lang, gen studs, sociol); A Sarwar (biol, gen studs, psychol); A Sayed (biol, chem, gen studs, rel studs); E Schmidt (biol, chem, German); J Scholefield (hist, maths, phys); S Shabbir (Eng lit, psychol, sociol); W Shah (biol, phys, sociol); J Shaw (Eng lit, French, Spanish); C Shotton (biol, psychol, PE); R Shotton (biol, Eng lit, psychol); A Sidat (econ, psychol, sociol); L Silvester (gen studs, hist, maths, phys); L Simcoates (biol, geog, maths); T Sissons (biol, chem, maths); A Smith (Eng lit, hist, sociol); Matthew Smith (Eng lang, Eng lit, sociol); Max Smith (biol, maths, music); S Sohal (biol, chem, Eng lit); A Stanley (prod design, econ, gov and politics); E Stirling (biol, geog, maths); M Strafford (biol, chem, geog); E Stretton (biol, gen studs, phys); M Subhaan (econ, gen studs, hist, sociol); F Suleman (biol, chem, Spanish); M Sutcliffe (Eng lang, gen studs, psychol); E Swallow (Eng lang, gen studs, geog, psychol); I Tahir (biol, chem, maths); W Tai (biol, chem, psychol); M Taj (biol, chem, gen studs, maths); A Tasker (biol, Eng lit, gen studs, maths); R Tejura (biol, chem, PE); L Thompson (biol, Eng lang, Eng lit, psychol); M Thompson (chem, gen studs, geog, maths); L Thornton (biol, chem, maths); R Todd (bus studs, econ, hist); R Turner (biol, chem, geog, maths); R Umarji (biol, chem, hist); A Uyar (comp, maths, phys); A Valli (biol, econ, maths); K Valli (psychol, rel studs, sociol); S Valli (biol, chem, econ, maths); H Varley (Eng lit, gen studs, perf arts, Spanish); R Walker-Wain (biol, chem, maths, frth maths); L Walton (bus studs, econ, maths); G Ward (Eng lit, psychol, sociol); L West (Eng lit, gov and politics, psychol); R Wilkinson (chem, maths, frth maths, phys); B Williams (chem, Eng lang, Spanish); T Wilson (bus studs, econ, geog); L Wilson-Green (Eng lit, French, hist); M Wood (Eng lit, hist, PE); J Woodhouse (biol, chem, maths); Ellie Wright (bus studs, maths, psychol); Emily Wright (Eng lit, hist, perf arts); A Zahid (Eng lang, psychol, sociol); B Zahoor (biol, gen studs, psychol, sociol).


T Andrews (health and soc c, textiles); T Armitage (apld sci, trav and tour); A Aston (fin studies, PE, prod design); M Aston Barlow (Eng lit, French, med studies); J Bairstow (health and soc c, law, textiles); S Balmforth (bus studs, fin studies, med studies); R Barnes (chem, frth maths, maths, phys); S Bleazard (bus studies, Eng lang); L Body (fin studies, hist); C Booth (Eng lang, hist, law, textiles); M Brewerton (fin studies, frth maths, maths); D Brooke (Eng lang, fin studies, PE); M Brosnan (hist, law); M Brundle (hist, media); C Casey (fin studies); J Cawtheray (biol, geog, gen studs, PE); L Conway (apld bus, hist); M Cromack (art, geog, hist, gen studs, law); J Devine (fin studies, geog, law); A Eades (hist, phys, theol, gen studs); D Farrelly (apld bus, med studies); A Firth (apld bus, Eng lang, fin studies); C Flynn (apld sci); C Gagui (biol, chem, fin studies, gen studs, Spanish); C Gater (biol, chem, maths); J Gill (med studies); J Gowland (apld bus, Eng lang); M Haley (fin studies, law, psychol); B Hatfield (fin studies, geog, med studies); G Hocks (health and soc, med studies); M Hopkins, (maths); S Husband (fin studies, trav and tour); F Hussain (apld bus, fin studies, med studies); T Hussain (health and soc c, textiles); D Irwin (apld bus, fin studies, trav and tour); A Kellett (fin studies, law, med studies); H Kemp (fin studies, psychol); F Kissane (fin studies, law); H Makda (fin studies); A Martin (Eng lang, fin studies, med studies); A Maycock (chem, frth maths, gen studs, maths); O McCormack (Eng lang, fin studies, law); U Modan (apld bus, prod design); B Moore (fin studies, textiles); A Motala (fin studies, health and soc, psychol); C Mould (fin studies, psychol, Spanish); E Mroz (biol, geog, gen studs, Spanish); J Mulqueen (apld sci); E Munton (hist, med studies); M Nurse (apld sci, health and soc, PE, trav and tour); S Pickering (art, med studies); C Price (apld bus, Eng lang, fin studies); A Ramzan (fin studies, textiles); C Render (apld sci); L Richardson (law, music, psychol); H Riordan (apld sci, Eng lang, Eng lit, med studies); M Rounding (fin studies, med studies); M Sadiq (apld sci, fin studies); L Salta (art, apld bus, hist, law); A Saville (apld sci, Eng lang, hist, gen studies, med studies); J Scanlon (gen studs, maths, prod design); S Scott (fin studies, fthr maths, maths); R Senior-Watson (fin studies); A Shire (Eng lang, gen studs, PE); J Smith (chem, geog, maths); R Spencer (French, gen studs, biol, chem, maths); J Stone (art, gen studs, psychol); C Teale (Eng lang, fin studies, hist, gen studs, PE); C Thompson (health and soc, trav and tour); C Town (Eng lang, fin studies, law, med studies); C Wallace (law, med studies, PE); J Walton (hist, law, med studies); G Welford (gen studs, fthr maths, maths, phys); E Wilkinson (apld sci, fin studies, health and soc, textiles); R Williams (fin studies, maths, PE); C Windle (apld bus, Eng lit, law, med studies); C Winham (apld bus, trav and tour); M Wray (fin studies, maths, phys).


T Andrews (IT bt*); T Armitage (IT bt **); A Aston (IT bt **); A Balmforth (IT bt**); S Bleazard (IT bt*); M Brosnan (sports bt*); M Brundle (IT bt*); C Casey (IT bt*, sports bt*); J Cawtheray (IT bt*); L Conway (sports bt); L Cooper (sports bt*); J Devine (IT bt*); D Farrelly (IT bt*); A Firth (IT bt*); C Flynn (sports bt*); C Gater (IT bt*); J Gill (IT bt*); J Gowland (IT bt*); M Hopkins (IT bt**); S Husband (sports bt*); F Hussain (IT bt**); T Hussain (IT bt**); H Kemp (IT bt**); F Kissane (sports bt*); H Makda (IT bt**, sports bt*); R Manton (IT bt*, sports bt*); A Maycock (IT bt*); O McCormack (IT bt**); U Modan (IT bt*); A Motala (IT bt*); J Mulqueen (IT bt**); E Munton (IT bt**); S Pickering (IT bt*); A Ramzan (IT bt*); C Render (sports bt*); S Robertson (IT bt**); M Robinson (IT bt*, sports bt*); M Rounding (IT bt**); M Sadiq (IT bt**); J Scanlon (IT bt*); R Senior-Watson (IT bt*); A Shire (IT bt*); T Smith (IT bt*, sports bt*); J Stone (IT bt*); R Surti (IT bt**, sports bt*); C Wallace (IT bt**); M Wray (IT bt**).