A-level results 2014

CELEBRATION TIME Pupils in North Kirklees pick up their A-level results today.
CELEBRATION TIME Pupils in North Kirklees pick up their A-level results today.

Pupils from North Kirklees are due to pick up their A-level results today (Thursday).

We’ll be publishing the results from all our local schools as soon as we get them.

Keep checking this story to find out how your friends and family got on.

Results key:

(A) indicates a grade A pass. (A*) indicates grade A * pass. S indicates special paper. = indicates A/S level pass.

NVQ: D indicates distinction. M indicates merit. P indicates pass

The subject key is:

a – art; ac – art and craft; ad – art and design; acc – accounting; ah – ancient history; ahl – ancient history and literature; am – applied maths; app – applied mechanics; aps - applied science arc – archaeology; b – botany; bg – British Government and politics; bi – biology; bn – Bengali; bs – business studies; bz – botany and zoology.

ca – classical art; cc – classical civilisation; cft – craft; ch – Chinese; cls – classical studies; cs – computer studies; csc – computer science; com – commercial studies; com st – communication studies; ct – computer technology; cth – Christian theology; cw – creative writing; cy – chemistry; des tech – design technology; dm – drama; dr – design and realisation; ds – domestic science; dts – drama and theatre studies.

e – economics; ec – social/economic history; ecg – economic geography; ed – engineering drawing; edd – engineering drawing and design; elc – electronics; ell – English language and literature; eng – English; eng lit – English literature; ep – economical and political studies; es – engineering science; est – environmental studies; ff – fashion and fabrics; fm – further maths; fpu – French for professional use; fr – French; fs – film studies; fis - financial studies.

g – German; gc – general classics; g com – graphical communication; ged – geometrical and engineering drawing; geo – geology; gk – Greek; gpl – general principles of English law; gs – general studies; gy – Geography; ha – history of art; hb – human biology; h(be) – history (British economic); hc – housecraft; he – home economics; hs - health and social care; ht – home economics and textiles; hy or h – history.

i – Italian; it – information technology; jp – Japanese; l – Latin; lp – Latin (prose offered); ls – leisure studies; ltrh – Latin translation and Roman history; lw – law; m – maths; me – maths for education and industry; med – media studies; met – metalwork; mt – music technology; mus – music; nd – needlework and dressmaking; p – physics; pa – principles of accounts; pam – pure and applied maths; pc – physical science; ped – physical education; pf – performance arts; pg – Portugese; ph – photography; phl – philosophy; pl – Polish; pm – pure maths; pmc – pure maths with mechanics; po – political studies; pd - product design ps – pure maths with statistics; py – physics and maths; psy -psychology.

r -Russian; rs – religious studies; s – Spanish; se – spoken English; soc – sociology; son – social biology; sp st – sports studies; sta – statistics; td – technical drawing; tex – textiles; ts – theatre studies; th - theology; tt – travel and tourism; txd – textile and dress; u – Urdu; ue – use of English; w – woodwork; z – zoology.

Batley Girls’ High School:

A Abed psy, rs, hs; Z Abed rs, bi, m; K Akalwaya hy, rs, eng lit; A Akhtar soc, ls, hs; H Amin eng lit, rs, hs; I Amjad ls, psy, rs; A Ashraf hy, rs; N Asif aps (DD), apit=; Z Atta (A*), ad (A*), hy, eng lit; A Aziz hy, rs, soc; F Boota hy (A), hs (A), soc (A*); K Butt rs, eng, soc; A Chopdat ap it, hs, psy; G Clark eng, hs, a; S Dad psy, eng lit, soc; M Daji extp (A), eng, bi, m; M Darr soc (A), eng, hs; A Dhorat tt, med=, rs; R Essabhai soc (A*), eng, eng lit; R Fareed bi, cy, psy; A Farooq soc, hs2; J Firdous hs, ap it; S Foley ac (A*), soc, hs; H Gharda u, ap it, eng; R Gora hs (A), eng, psy; M Gulastan soc, eng, hs; Z Hafejee ap it, soc, hs; Z Hafiji eng lit (A), eng lit (A*), hy; A Hans soc, eng, psy; A Hussain a (A), cy, bi; E Hussain u, ap it=, hs; I Hussain aps (DM); If Hussain soc, hy, aps (M); M Hussain hs, tt, psy; N Hussain extp, soc, psy; R Hussain ad, med; S hussain ap it, a, eng, hs; Su Hussain u (A), soc, hs2; I Jamil u (A), eng, eng lit; N Jan eng, eng lit, med; Z Jan hs2, rs; Z Karani soc, m, bi; R Kausar ad, a, u; S Kauser soc, eng, rs; A Kawkab hs, aps (D*); R Kayat ap it, soc; s Khalid soc, hs, eng lit; S Khalifa eng, psy, rs; H Khalil tt, hs, med=; H Khan aps (P); F Khan ap it, eng, med=, extp; M Khan eng lit, eng, psy; R Khushi soc, u, rs; A Kola u, ap it, hs; H Kola a, eng, rs; A Laher soc (A),m, eng lit; H Laher extp (A), rs, psy, bi; J Laher psy, rs, hs; Z Loonat a, soc, hs; Z Lorgat ls, soc; A Lunat ls, ph; T Mahmood psy, soc; J Mahroof psy, rs, bi; S Mahroof eng lit, psy, rs, soc, extp; K Malavia ls, ap it, hs; N Mamang ac (A*), ap it, a; N Mamaniat ad, eng, hs; S Mayat u (A), rs, soc; A Mayet u (A), m, eng; R Moeen eng lit (A*), extp, eng, ph; A Mohammed med, tt, hs; A Nasur a (A*), hs, psy; A Patel soc (A), bi; H Patel rs, u; M Patel rs, hs; R Patel hs (A), u (A), soc; S Patel eng, eng lit, soc; Z Patel aps (MM); Zu Patel u=; S Patelmama eng lit (A*), rs, u; H Randeri u (A), rs, hs; S Ravat soc, hs, u; J Rawat aps (P); T Sabar hs; B Sacha soc (A), a, eng, u; A Saloo psy, a=, med; M Shahid ad, a, ph; M Sheth extp, eng, psy, bi; A Sidat ap it, eng lit, rs; S Sidat aps (PP); A Smith soc (A), a, eng lit, gov po; M Syeda m (A), soc (A*), eng lit; S Tariq hs, tt; B Tomlinson aps (MM); A Umarji rs, hy; A Usman soc, eng, rs; F Usmani eng, eng lit, soc; A Waja med, tt, hs; Z Wasim soc (A), eng lit, eng; A Waza ap it, hs2; D Williams ac, ph, ad.

Batley Grammar School:

E Akudi bs, cc, it; M Ali eng lit, rs; F Andaleeb bi, cy, it (A*); T Booker bs, gy, ped; Shahneel B cc, rs; A Chopdat bi, cy, it; S Costello bs, it, lw; U Dadhiwala cc, gy, m; T Denham cc, eng lit, h; S Elsworth bi, cy, m; N Finneran bs, m, ped; Salma Hassan bi, cy, gy; Shaheed Hassan bi, cy, it; N Hassain eng lit, it, lw; U Hussain bs, h, lw; H Ikram cy, m, p; A Imtiaz bi, cy, psy; M Jones; bs, cc; Z Khan gy, h, psy; F Laher bi, cy, it; M Laher eng lit, h, rs; A Lunat bi, h, psy; M Mahmood cy, it, lw; L Matthews m, p; Y Mayet m; Ali A Mulla bi, cy, it; F Patel bs, lw; H Patel bi, eng lit, h; R Patel cy, lw, rs; L Sajid bi, cc, psy; M Seedat bs, lw, psy; S Shabir bi, cy (A), gy (A); A Sian cc (A), eng lit; A Soni cc, h; A Wang bs; C Webster bs, m; I Zia bs, eng lit, lw.

Heckmondwike Grammar School:

M Adam, cy, gy, gs=; M Addy, eng lit, gs, h, po, e=; M Ahmad, bi (A*), cy (A*), h (A), m (A); H Akudi, bi (A), cy, m, gs=, fm=, soc=; S Akudi, bi, cy, e, gs=, m=; H Ali, bi, cy, psy, gs=; Umar Ali, bi, cy, it; Usman Ali, bi (A*), cy (A), psy (A), e=, gs= (A); T Amjad, bi, cy, m, u, psy= (A); A Aswat, gs, psy, soc, bs=; F Azeem, bi, eng, gs; M Aziz, bi (A), cy (A), m (A), crit=, gs=, p= (A); R Azram, bi, cy, gs, pf, p=; G Backhouse, m (A), fm (A*), p (A), gs=, h=, mus=; J Baker, eng lit (A), gs (A), h (A), m, cy=; J Baldwin, bi (A*), cy, gs, m (A), fm=, p= (A); A Balijepalli, bi (A*), cy (A*), m (A*), p (A), fm=; A Bamfield, e, gs, med, psy, m=; J Bangali, gs, lw, psy (A), soc (A*), eng=; D Barker, bi, cy, eng lit, gs; F Basser, bi, cy, soc (A), gs=, rs=; D Bennett, fr, h, po, eng lit=; C Benson, e, h (A), m, gs=, p=; T Benson, e, m, p, gs=, fm=; A Bhaiji, bi (A), cy (A), h (A), M (A), gs= (A), fm=; A Bham, bi, cy (A), rs, gs=, psy=; M Bhana, bi, cy, gy, p; A Bhatti, bi, cy, gs, soc (A*), u (A*), eng=; A Bilakhdi, bi, cy, gs, m, po=; C Binns, gs, it, m, ped, p=; A Black, bi, gs, m, p; B Bolland, a, ped, gs=; E Bolt, eng, med, psy, gs= (A); S Bridgewater, bi, m, psy, gs=, g=; E Broome, tex, bs, gs, po, eng=; Z Brown, bi, fd, gs, soc, p=; B Burnhill, bi, gs, psy (A), ped, h=; M Burns, cy (A), m (A), fm, p (A), e=; C Butler, fr, gs, g, psy, crit=, m=; J Butt, m, p, geo, eng=; B Carson, fd, it (A), eng= (A), rs= (A); M Chidambara, bi, cy, m, gs=, p=; N Chopdat, bs, eng, gs, rs, psy=; R Chopdat, bi, cy, m, gs= (A), h=, po=; C Chung, bi (A*), cy (A*), m (A*), fm (A*), p= (A); M Clough, eng, gs, h, psy, pf=; J Corcoran, cy (A), gs, gy (A), p, m=; K Crookes, bi, gs, gy, ped; G Crowther, des tech, gs, m, p, cy=; J Cryan, m (A), p,cy=, e=, gs= (A); B Cundall, bs, e, eng, gs, po=; S Dalal, bi, cy (A), m (A), gs=, p=; A Das bi (A*), cy (A*), gs (A), m (A*), fm (A*), p (A*); R Davey, h (A*), m (A*), p, po (A), gs= (A), fm=; L Davis, eng (A), eng lit (A), gs (A), h (A), po= (A); R Davis, gs (A), h (A), m (A), po (A), cy= (A), crit=; M Deighton, eng (A*), h (A), psy (A), eng lit=, gs=; A Dhangar, e (A), gs, m (A), p, po= (A); G Dixon, eng, med, psy, eng lit=, gs=; M Dockrat, bi, cy, gs, psy, cz=, h= (A); R Dowling, e, m (A), fm, bs=; S Durward, gs, m (A*), fm, p (A), cy=, mt=; F Eakin, cy (A), m (A*), geo (A), gs=, fm= (A), p=; H Edmond, psy, rs, soc (A), bi=, gs=; C Eggett, gy, m, p, bi=, crit=, gs= (A); M Enevoldson, eng lit (A*), gs (A), h (A), po (A), e=; T Farnhill, m (A*), fm (A*), pf, p (A); C Fishwick, cs, m, gs=; A Flint, cs, mt, p, gs=, m=; B Flood, bi, gs, psy, cy=, m=, soc=; E Foric, bi, gs, h, m, p; J Geering, h, med, p, gs= (A); T Gilmartin, des tech (A), gs, gy, m, p=; P Gilroy a, eng lit, gs, med, h=; L Glassett, bs (A), gs, m, psy, s=; L Gledhill, eng (A), eng lit (A), psy (A), gs= (A), s=; A Godsman, h, med, psy, bi=, gs= (A); J Good, bi, cy, p, gs=, m=; R Gorji, e, eng lit, gs, h, m=; S Greaves, bs, gs, psy, s; A Green, bi, cy, gs, p, crit=, g=; J Haigh, cy (A), gs (A), h (A*), lw, m (A), g=; M Haigh, eng (A), eng lit, h (A), gs=, it= (A); P Haigh, gs, gy, psy, bs= (A), cy=; A Halalat, bi, cy, psy, gs=; E Haley, a, eng lit, gs, pf, mus=; C Halloway, cs, m, ped, bi=; C Hamilton, gs, gy (A), h (A), psy (A), eng=; I Hans, bi (A), cy, soc, gs=, p=; E Hassall, eng lit (A), gs (A*), h (A*), ped (A*), eng= (A); W Hayes, m (A*), fm (A), p (A), cy= (A); O Heeley, cy, m, p, fm=; T Henry, cy, m, p, cs=; S Heptinstall, bi, mus, p, m=; R Hetherington, e, m, fm, gs=, gy=; V Higginbotham, bi, cy, m; A Hirst, m, fm, p, bi=, gs=; J Hobbah, bi, cy (A*), gs, h (A), p; L Houlbrook, gs, h (A), soc (A), s, cz=, psy=; O Howarth, bi (A), gs, m, p, geo; K Howley, eng lit, mt, pf, gs=, mus=; S Hussain, bs, eng, soc, gs=; D Ibberson, cs, gs, h, m (A), p=; F Ibrahim, bi, cy, fr, eng lit=, gs=; E Ingram-Hardwick, a, bi, gs, s, cy=; J Inman, bi, eng lit, gs, h, m=; A Iqbal, eng lit, gs, rs, soc (A), po=; J Iqbal, bi, e, eng, cs=, gs=; M Jahangir, bi, cy (A), m (A), h=; Z Jamshead, bi, h, psy, cy=, gs=; A Jauhal, e (A*), m (A), fm, po (A), p= (A); A Johnston, fr, mus, mt, crit=, h=; E Kebble, gs, gy (A), h, med (A*), eng lit=; S Kent, bs, h, soc, bi=, crit=, eng=, gs=; C Kestin, e, m (A*), fm (A), p, h=; I Khan, bi, cy, gs, psy, crit=; K Khan, bi, cy, psy; L Khan, bi, cy, m, e=, gs=; N Khan, eng lit, gs, h, m, psy; R Khan, bi (A), cy, rs (A), m=; C Kitching, bi (A*), cy (A), psy (A), gs= (A), soc= (A); I Kola, bi, cy, m (A), gs=, gy=; H Kuhnel, gs, m (A*), fm (A*), p (A*), cy= (A); A Laher, cy, eng lit, psy, bi=; Z Laher, cy, gs, m, rs, bi=; T Lakhi, bi, cy, gs, h, bs=; J Lancaster, cs, gs, m (A*), p; J Leech, cy (A), m (A), fm, p (A), bi= (A); G Lees, des tech (A), gs, h, p, e=; M Lister, cy (A), cs (A*), gs, m, bi= (A), fm=; R Littlewood, m, mt, p; N Lo, bi, cy, m, gs=, mt=; M Loonat, cy, eng, m, bi=, gs=; C Lord, e, m, p, crit=, gs= (A), h=; A Lukic, bi (A), gy (A), m (A), gs= (A), p= (A); A Mahmood, eng, m, psy (A), gs=, lw=; L Mahmood, eng, rs, soc, gs=, psy=; R Mahmood, cy, m, psy (A), bi=, gs=; S Mahmood, eng lit, rs (A), soc (A), gs= (A), lw=; U Mahmood, bi, cy, e, gs=, m=; M Makda, bs, des tech, gs, p; Y Malek, cy, m (A), fm, gs=, p=; Ahmad Mamaniat, cy, m (A), p, bs=, gs=; Ahmed Mamaniat, bi, cy, p, gs=, m=; A Maqbool, bi, cy, gs, psy, m=; F Mayet, bi, eng lit, psy (A), cy=, gs=; H Mayet, bi, (A), cy (A), h (A), gs=, m= (A); H McConnell, bi (A), gs, h (A), psy (A), cy=; T McVey, bi, gy, psy, eng=, gs=; T Mehdi, bi, it; L Midgley, eng, eng lit, pf, gs=, psy=; M Mirza, bi, m, psy, fd=; T Miskell, e, eng (A), h (A), m; M Molvi, bi (A), cy (A), gs (A), m (A), eng lit= (A), gs= (A), fm= (A); A Momoniat, bi, cy, m; A Moyser, eng lit, gs, h, psy, bi=; Aadam Mulla, m, po, cz=, e=, gs=, it=, fm=, p=; Aamir Mulla, bi (A*), cy (A*), m (A*), h= (A); Aamira Mulla, a, bi, gs, soc (A*), cy=; Adam Mulla, bs (A), e (A), eng, gs, bi=, lw=; M Mulla, cy, e, gy, bi=, gs=; S Musejee, bi, cy, gs, p, m=; T Nadat, bi, cy, gs, m, e=; A Nahk, eng, eng lit, gs, med, pf=; S Naqvi, bi (A), cy, m (A), psy= (A); K Naylor, bi (A), cy (A), gs, m (A), fm= (A); A Nelson, bs, psy, gs=, soc=; G Newby, bs, e, gs, m, bi=; R Newsome, cs, e, gs, m, bs=; H Nicholas, bi, cy, m, cz=, fd=; C Nisbet, eng lit, gs, mus, soc (A), m=; H Norat, bi, cy, m, gs=, h=; D North, cy, fd (A), psy, gs=, m=; S Northing, bi (A*), cy (A*), m (A*), gs= (A), fm= (A); C O’Driscoll, cs, m (A), p, cy=; M Padgett, gs, h (A), po (A*), psy (A); A Pandor, psy, rs, soc (A), bs=, fd=, gs=; O Parfaniuk, psy, rs (A), soc (A), e=, gs=; T Parish, eng lit (A), gs, h (A), psy, po=; E Parkin, bi (A), m, p, cy=, cz=, gs=; A Parkinson, bs, eng lit, psy, gs=, h=; Aasiyah Patel, bi, cy, gs, psy (A), lw=; Aatika Patel, bi, gs, lw, psy; Ammaarah Patel, eng (A), gs, psy, rs, po=; Ammaarah Patel, bi, eng lit, gs, lw; F Patel, bi, cy, eng lit (A), psy (A); Hudhaifa Patel, bi, cy, psy, soc=; Huzaifah Patel, cy, gs, p, psy; I Patel, bi (A*), cy (A), e (A*), gs, m (A); Mariyah Patel, bi, psy (A), rs (A), gs=, m=; Maya Patel, fr, gs, h, s, eng lit=; Mohammed Patel, bi, cy, m, e=, gs=; Mujtaba Patel, cy, e, m (A), bi=, gs=; Talha Patel, bi, cy, m, gs=, p=; Tasneem Patel, bi, cy, gs, psy (A), soc= (A); J Pedersen, bs (A), gy, psy, gs=, ped=; D Pitchforth, gy (A), m (A*), p (A), bs= (A), fm= (A); A Plant, eng lit, gs, h (A), po (A), cy=; S Prendergast, des tech, e, gs, s, bs=; M Prentis, bs, e (A), lw, po, pf=; M Pun, bi (A), bs (A), cy (A), crit=, m=; T Qayum, eng lit, lw, psy, bi=, gs=; M Rahman, g (A), m, cs=. gs=, it=; S Rahman, bi, cy, m, gs=, fm=; A Raja, bi, cy, psy (A), gs=, soc= (A); A Rajah, cy, psy, rs, bi=, gs=; M Rashid, bi, psy, soc (A), cy=, cz=, eng=; C Raw, bi, gs, m, psy, cy=; I Rawat, bi, bs, cy, gs=, m=; M Razzaq, cy, it, m, fm=; L Rees, bi (A*), cy (A), gs, m (A), eng lit= (A); M Reid, eng, gy, p, e=, gs=; L Reynolds, bi, cy, psy, gs=, soc= (A); A Rhodes, des tech (A*), m, p (A), bi=, gs=; E Rhodes, e, gy, psy, bi=, gs=; A Richardson, des tech, gs, gy, geo; A Ridley, bi (A*), eng lit (A), gs (A), h (A*), e=; L Roadnight, a, eng, eng lit=, gs=, m=; R Robinson, bi, m, p, cy=, crit=, fm=; G Rogerson, bi, m (A*), fm, gs=, p=; A Sakha, bi, cy, psy, gs=, m=; J Santry, eng, gs, m, p, fr=; S Sayed, bi, cy, rs, gs=, psy=; J Scarth, bi (A), cy (A*), m (A*), fm (A*), e= (A); E Scorah, eng lit (A*), g (A), h (A*), mus (A), crit= (A); I Shabbir, psy, rs, soc (A), eng lit=, gs=; H Shaikh, e, gs, m, soc; M Shaikh, bi (A), cy (A*), m (A*), fm (A), p (A); R Shaikh, bi (A), cy (A), m (A), gs=, p=; J Sheard, cs, m, p, e=, gs=; A Shoaib, bi, cy (A), gs, m (A), u (A*), psy= (A); K Shoy, e, gs, m, bs= (A), cy=; S Sidat, bi (A), cy (A), soc (A*), gs= (A), gy= A); J Silvester, bi, cy, gs, m, fm=, p= (A); S Skinner, eng lit (A), h (A), m (A), crit=, med= (A); E Smith, fd (A), gs, h, rs, eng lit=; T Stancliffe, bs, h, lw, psy=; G Stansfield, cs, m, p, gs=, gy=; L Stobbs, gs, gy, psy, bi=, e=, soc=; L Sugden, bi (A), m (A*), fm (A*), p (A), psy= (A); N Talib,it, psy, rs, gs=, m=; S Tallant, e, gs, m, po, h=; H Tanvir, bi, gs, h, soc (A); S Tanweer, gs, psy, rs, soc, bi=, e=, m=; K Tariq, bi, cy, m, gs=, rs= (A); A Taylor, bi, cy, rs, gs=, soc= (A); N Tejura, e, m, s, gs=, fm=; B Terry, psy, rs, soc, gs=; P Thirumaran, bi, cy, m, gs=, p=; S Thompson, bi, cy, gs, psy, p=; K Thornton, bi, cy, gs, p, m=; A Townson, eng lit (A*), fr (A), gs, g (A), h (A*); M Ugoji, bi, cy, psy (A), crit=, m=; M Ugradar, bi, cy, psy (A), gs=, m=; U Umarji, cy, e, m, bi=; T Umpleby, bi, des tech, gy, gs=, soc=; M Usman, e, h, psy, gs=, gy=; L Vali, bi, gs, psy, soc, cy=; H Valli, bi (A*), cy (A*), e (A), m (A), fm= (A); F Varley, eng lit (A*), fr (A), h (A), po (A), phl=; O Vine, eng, mt, pf, gs=, mus=; H Wahab, bi (A*), cy (A), psy (A*), gs= (A), m= (A); M Waheed, bi (A), cy (A), gy (A), gs=, m= (A); A Waite, bi, cy, psy, gs=, m=; B Walker, bi (A*), cy, gs, m (A), p=; C Walker, a, gs, med, soc, eng lit=; M Wallis, gs, psy, soc, cz=; H Whelan, bi (A), cy (A), gs, m, s=; A Whipp, eng, gy (A), geo, eng lit=, gs= (A); R White, cy, gs, m, ped, p=; S Wilcock, gs, h, ped, soc=; D Wilkins, des tech (A), gs, m, p, cs=; E Wilkinson, eng lit, gs, psy, ped, m=; L Wilkinson, bi, m, psy, bs=, gs=; B Wood, bi (A*), cy (A*), eng lit (A*), gs (A), m (A*), fm= (A); T Wood, bi (A*), cy (A*), g (A*), m (A*), fm= (A); A Wright, bs, pf, psy, gs=, m=; J Wright, gs, geo, bs=, gy=; D Wrigley, eng, soc, gs=; B Yaniw, e (A*), m (A*), po (A*), gs= (A), h= (A); M Yaseen, eng, gs, h, psy, bi=; M Yorke, bi, psy (A), soc (A), crit=, m= (A); L Young, bi, e, m, crit=, p=; H Younis, bi, cy, soc (A), gs=, h=; T Zahid, bi, cy, e, gs, cs=; A Zahoor, bi, cy, gs, psy, lw=.

Kirklees College

D Brown fs=; R Caffrey fs=; L Cowan fs=; SJ Downes fs=; P Dyson fs=;J Guerida fs=; A Harling fs= (A); R Herring fs=; S Juhasz fs=; S Manchester fs=; A Mccormack fs=; E Patel fs=; KJ Poskitt fs=; JL Sharp fs=; KJ Stringfellow fs=; A Sutcliffe fs=; KL White fs=.

Mirfield Free Grammar:

School has chosen not to supply results.

St John Fisher’s Catholic High School:

S Ahmed, cy, fis, psy; S Ahmed, eng, fis, lw; S Akhtar, hs, it, tex; G Bartle, aps, it, pd, sp st; L Bennett, it, med, sp st; H Bentley, fm, m (A); K Bibi, hs, it; L Bleazard, bs, fis, tt; D Bramham, eng, bi, cy, gs, m; C Brennand, a, eng, fis, lw; L Brewerton, aps, hs, h; C Brier, bs, fis, it, sp st; H Brierley, it, mus, th; M Brooke, cy, m; S Cardus, eng, lw, ped; H Carr, bi, m, p; L Cawtheray, bi (A), cy, ped, m; D Chatterton, bi, h, m; W Collins, bi, ped, m, gs; O Cooper, h, lw, psy; P Dawson, lw, tex; J Ellis, bs (A*), sp st; N Farooq, lw, hs; L Frain, eng, h, lw; C Frear-Mellor, bs, fis, h; S Gannon, fr, th, tt; B Goodall, eng lit, it, psy; M Graham, it, p, pd, m, gs; L Green, hs; H Griffiths, a, hs, med; C Hall, eng lit, h, s; J Harris, fis (A), it, lw; J Hart, eng, hs, it; K Holderness, bi, cy, psy, gs; K Hopkins, fis, it; R Howard, eng, m, med; J Hunter, bs, fis, it; A Hussain, hs, it, tex; N Kaye, eng, h, m; R Kaye, eng, eng lit, med; J Kennedy, eng, h, lw; P Kennedy, eng, ph, sp st; N Khan, hs, aps; A Lindley, hs, eng; B Lynn, h, lw, th; J Maguire, eng, h, pd, gs; Z Malik, it, sp st; A Marsden, it, sp st, tex; T Martin, lw, sp st; N McDermott, a, eng, h; J McGreevy, gy, m, p, pd; O McGreevy, gy, m, gs; D McLaren, eng, fis, it, lw; L Micklethwaite, eng, lw, ped; A Montgomery, eng lit, hs, med; J Moorhouse, it, sp st; E Mould, fis, hs, lw; C Oakland, eng, eng lit, th; Z Patel, aps, bs, it, pd; B Payne, h, lw, m; K Pichowicz, h, lw, psy; S Pickles, bs, it, sp st; R Qayyum, aps, eng, tt; S Quinn, eng, it, pd; L Redick, it, lw, sp st; N Reid, ph, eng, tex; S Render, eng, eng lit, it; A Roberts, bs, it, tt; P Tordoff, cy, med; J Troy, h, m, p; N Tulain, aps, eng lit, hs, tt; G Turton, ph, sp st; C Vickers, fis, it, ped; S Walsworth, cy, p; S West, eng lit, med, hs; S Yousaf, hs, bs.

Queen Elizabeth Grammar School:

M Ahir bi, bs, e, gs; J Alderton des tech, m, p; S Armstrong eng (A*), g (A), hy (A); D Baker bi (A*), cy (A), m (A); J Bennett bi, hy, ped (A); N Bhandari bi, cy, gy; J Blythe fm (A), g (A), po (A), m (A*); A Booth A (A*), eng lit (A*), fr, gs (A); W Bowden bs (A), eng, ped, gs (A); R Bramley cy (A*), fm (A*), m (A*), p (A*); R Brearton cc (A*), eng, gy (A), gs; J Brook bi, cy, m; M Brookes bi (A*), cy (A*), p (A*), gs (A); J Burman des tech, gy, m; A Byram po (A*), hy (A), rs (A); D Cadman cy (A), fm (A*), m (A*), p (A*); N Calvert bi (A*), e (A*), gy (A*); R Chivese A, bs, des tech, gs; K Colston bi (A*), cy (A*), m (A*); B Cook gy (A), m (A), p, gs; T Crow e, m, mus, gs; J Dennett bi, eng lit, hy, gs (A*); M Dickinson bs, des tech, gy, gs; C Dobson bs, cc, hy, gs; D Duncan cc (A), gy (A*); J Farrimond cy (A), fm (A), m (A*), p (A); M Fell e (A), m, p; M Ferris bi, m (A), p; E Firth-O’Donnell fm, m (A), p, gs (A); N Fletcher bi, eng, p, gs; M Fung A (A*), m (A*), p (A), gs; B Furniss bi, bs, gy (A); A Gair cy (A*), fm (A*), m (A*), p (A*); J Gardiner gy (A), m (A), p (A); B Gatus e, gy (A*), m; J Glover A (A), bs, des tech; M Godson bi (A*), gy (A*), ped (A*); A Gray gy, m, p, gs; R Hall e, m, mus, gs; B Hanson cy (A*), fm (A*), m (A*), p (A*); J Hart eng lit (A), gy (A), po (A*), gs (A); A Healy-Gardner cy, fm, m (A), p (A); W Hotham bi, cy, ped (A); D House A (A*), bi, des tech (A); B Hoyle des tech (A), fm (A), m (A*), p (A); T Hunter bi, e (A*), m (A); A Hurst dts, eng (A), eng lit (A), gs; T Hutchinson e, eng, m; S Johnson e (A*), m (A), p; N Jones eng (A), fr (A), mus (A), gs; M Knapton cy, m, p; A Korosi bi (A), cy (A), m (A); A Kyriakidis bi, e, gy; T Lee cy, e (A), m; D Levine bs, gy, p, gs; R Liddy bi, cc, m; S MacGregor e, gy (A), ped (A); G Maidment A (A*), bi (A), cy (A); F Main A, bi, psy, gs; O Marsden eng lit (A*), hy (A*); E McGuire A (A*), gy (A), hy (A), gs; G Mills A (A), des tech (A), p, gs; H Mohammed e, hy (A), m, gs; H Newcombe cc, fr (A); H Nott dts, eng, hy, gs; A Pande e (A*), hy (A), m (A); J Patel bi, eng, ped, gs; B Qureshi bi (A*), cy (A*), m (A*), p (A*), gs (A); S Rehman bi (A), cy (A), m (A); A Roberts des tech (A), m (A), p; S Russell A, bs, fr (A); C Skipworth A, p, ped; J Slack bi, cy, hy (A), gs; O Smith A (A*), eng, mus (A), gs; A Spencer-Taylor bi (A), cy (A), m (A), p (A); C Tate A, gy, ped, gs; J Taylor bs (A), e (A), hy; R Taylor A, cc, gy, gs; W Train cy (A), m (A), p (A*); J Tunstall A, m, p, gs; U Wahid bi (A*), cy (A), m; E Wainwright eng, gy, rs, gs; T Widdowson eng (A), gy (A), hy (A*), gs (A*); H Wilby fr (A*), po (A*), hy (A); D Wills gy (A), m, rs (A); E Wing bi (A), cy, gy; A Woolhouse eng lit (A*), po (A*), hy (A).