Thought for the Week: With Rev Stephen Rochell, United Benefice of Hartshead, Hightown, Roberttown and Scholes

As I write this on Good Friday I am confronted with the stark reality of a day which for many passes almost without notice and yet a day that for Christians around the world shapes who we are.

By Jane Chippindale
Friday, 15th April 2022, 12:12 pm
Photo: Adobe
Photo: Adobe

Rev Stephen Rochell writes: More years ago than I care to count I was Christened at Dewsbury Parish Church as the Minster was then. I was six months old and remember nothing of my Christening.

I do know that at some point in the short service a cross was marked on my forehead with oil and solemn promises were made on my behalf by my mum and dad and my Godparents.

It is the same today, families bring children, make promises and watch as the shape of the cross is marked on the child’s forehead.

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So begins a journey that for some leads to a relationship with God. God who we have never seen. God who is only revealed to us through grace and through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

It is through Jesus that we are shown what it is to be fully human, Through his life we see what it means to love unconditionally. To love even those who we find difficult.

Not surprisingly we all fall short because we are human but God so loves us that we are offered new life and forgiveness.

The desolation and darkness of Good Friday is followed by the light and new life of Easter and the realisation that the light of love overcomes the darkest situations.

Happy Easter