The average adult would rate themselves a solid seven out of 10 on the kindness scale.

A study of 2,000 adults found that while the average adult would rate themselves a solid seven out of 10 on the kindness scale, a bold 14 per cent don’t think they could be any nicer.

However, 52 per cent admit they could be kinder to others day-to-day.

Almost two thirds (63 per cent) confessed they could be better at staying in touch with people they haven’t seen for a while, while 53 per cent could make more time for close family and friends.

More than a third (35 per cent) also felt they could be kinder in their day-to-day life by helping more isolated or vulnerable people in their community.

The study by The National Lottery also revealed four in five adults often carry out a random act of kindness for someone they don’t know - but only 49 per cent said strangers often carry out random acts of kindness for them in return.

Residents enjoying The Warm and Toasty Club, Enoch House, Colchester, Essex 8th November 201972Point

As a result of the findings, and to mark World Kindness Day, members of Colchester’s Warm and Toasty Club - a cross-generational befriending group - were treated to a surprise luxury spa day.

The pamper session for older people was held to celebrate The National Lottery players raising an incredible £850.5 million for befriending projects across the UK over the past 25 years.

They were joined by TV personality and reality star Jess Wright, and her mother Carol, to mark the event on Wednesday 13 November.

Alongside a team of helpers, Jess and Carol helped turn the Warm and Toasty Club into a luxury spa for the day - with face masks, manicures, hand massages, and tasty treats for the guests.

While the guests got pampered, Jess and Carol joined the group to share some of their fondest memories and childhood photos as part of the group’s Memory Afternoon session.

Jessica Wright with mum Carol Wright during a visit to The Warm and Toasty Club, Enoch House, Colchester, Essex 8th November 2019Jess Wright said: “What better way to mark World Kindness Day than to spend quality time with this amazing group of people, alongside my mum - it’s been so good for the soul.

“Kindness is underrated - there are things we can all do to make a difference to someone’s day.

“Loneliness and isolation affect so many people of all ages, and initiatives like this, funded by The National Lottery have helped many thousands to meet new people and make friends.

“Sometimes all it takes are a few kind words, a cup of tea or a bit of a pampering to show someone that they matter.”

According to Age UK, 1.2 million older people in England are ‘chronically lonely’, and 200,000 older people have not had a conversation with friends or family for a month.

The Memory Afternoons, run by the Warm and Toasty Club, are just one of more than 11,650 befriending projects across the UK which The National Lottery has funded to provide companionship for people affected by social isolation, and those in older age.

Dawn Austwick, CEO of The National Lottery community fund, said: “Being part of a community and building friendships makes people happier and healthier.

“Groups like The Warm and Toasty Club help people connect with others and feel a sense of belonging."

Jess and Carol’s top kindness tips include:• Don’t lose touch with the people around you. Call a family member or friend you haven’t seen in a while and see how they are. We always call each other as much as possible to hear what’s new.

• Send texts to three people you care about letting them know that you’re thinking about them. We all spend so much time on our phones, so why not take a second to spread some kindness while you’re at it!

• Don’t forget to be kind to yourself. It’s incredibly hard to be compassionate to others if you aren’t treating yourself fairly, and so often we’re too hard on ourselves. Self-care is so important.

• Sign up to volunteer at a local befriending project – just like the Warm and Toasty Club. The National Lottery funds thousands of these across the UK and you can brighten someone’s day by offering companionship.