Life on Tapp: Community spirit is not just for Christmas!

We need to tap into the community spirit throughout the year. Photo: AdobeStockWe need to tap into the community spirit throughout the year. Photo: AdobeStock
We need to tap into the community spirit throughout the year. Photo: AdobeStock
​Unless you are in possession of the Grinch gene, it’s almost impossible not to feel even slightly buoyed by the festive spirit this week.

Blaise Tapp writes: Currently you can’t move for giddy folk, most of whom hope you’ll notice their hilarious jumper featuring a Yuletide-related pun – spoiler alert, I don’t own one although I have been known to squeeze into a Rudolph onesie every now and again. The decorations, the repeats of telly classics such as the Royle Family and Gavin and Stacey not to mention the occasional mince pie. To top it all, as I write, Mrs Tapp is putting the finishing touches to the wrapping of carefully selected gifts, meaning, I can, once again, bask in the warm glow of giving, without having actually lifted a finger.

But what’s really putting me in the mood is the great effort that so many people are, once again, making to spread that little bit of joy in their communities. Last week Santa visited our road along with the elves and their Rotary Club collection buckets, although our eight-year-old was ever so suspicious when the man in the red suit and white beard asked me how I’d been and that we should catch up soon.

It doesn’t stop there. Christmas craft events, Christingle church services, seasonal music events and carols are happening in most cities, towns and villages this week meaning these places really are back to their best, albeit temporarily. Where I live, the local council has arranged for people to dress up as popular seasonal characters such as a reindeer and giant gingerbread man so that excited kids can have their pictures taken with them. Last weekend the town was visited by a life size polar bear.

This, on top of the obligatory Christmas markets and jolly souls flogging roast chestnuts have ensured there’s a buzz about the place and the town centre is busy with people. This is the time of year that many are reminded how much they love our much-maligned high streets and town centres.

The way we shop might have changed forever but most people enjoy the buzz that real events create. While the festivities we are witnessing across the land right now, obviously cannot be replicated in February or June, there is still very much a call for being part of a community. We need to tap into that throughout the year.