Dewsbury organisation overwhelmed by families who need financial support

A non-profit organisation has been overwhelmed by 350 applicants who need financial help with food, gas and electricity.

By Jessica Barton
Monday, 21st February 2022, 4:30 pm
The fund will help Tanisha support families untill March 31.
The fund will help Tanisha support families untill March 31.

Bramwell’s C.I.O is a non-profit organisation located on Church Street, Dewsbury, which advocates social change through its projects.

Tanisha Bramwell, founder of the organisation, received funding from One Community Foundation to help her provide families with free food parcels and gas and electricity vouchers, which will start from today (Monday).

In order for families to access the fund, Tanisha provided a link to a short questionnaire, which asked simple questions such as “are you a single parent?” and “are you currently in work?”.

The funding will help Tanisha provide families with free food parcels and gas and electricity vouchers.

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    Unfortunately, just five hours after the link went live, Tanisha was forced to take the link down due to high demand.

    She said: “We had 350 applicants for the fund in just over five hours, which we didn't expect at all.

    “It wasn’t a nice feeling taking the link down, because I had to go back to my board and we now have to make crucial decisions.

    “For example, we now either have to delegate people elsewhere or prioritise struggling families over struggling families, which is the most heartbreaking thing to do ever, especially when we have been engaging with these communities for some time and have built up relationships.

    “We are hoping to help people with our payments get through until at least the end of April with the money we put on their metres.

    Tanisha is hoping to speak to Dewsbury MP Mark Eastwood about the cost of living crisis and how it is affecting families in the area.

    Tanisha continues to say: “Councils should be prioritising the cost of living crisis, because it is not being prioritised as much as it should be.

    “People are living in crisis and action is needed now, not later

    “People need to see MPs on the ground with grassroot organisations putting in the hours and work. That is what provides people with hope and if people lose hope they lose everything.

    “One Community has been amazing, they are the only funders that I know that have prioritised this issue so early on.”

    The fund from One Community Foundation is called the household fund, and has to be spent by March 31.

    One Community Foundation seeks money from donors who want to make an impact. It then awards the money to the community and voluntary groups who need it.

    Every year, the organisation grants funds to hundreds of charitable organisations in Kirklees with grants ranging from £500 to £10,000 - One Community “funds what our community needs”.

    Emma Woods-Bolger, CEO of One Community Foundation, said: "One Community Foundation has been supporting local vulnerable people during the Covid crisis by working directly with charitable organisations like Bramwell Sports. Over the past year we have been able to award over £1.1million across Kirklees.

    “The money directly supported people with basics such as food. As the cost of living hit a 30-year high last month as energy, fuel and food prices continued to soar, we knew the result would be an increase in the squeeze on household budgets.

    “To support the community we have recently awarded a further £90,000 to multiple local charitable groups that will work directly with people needing support with food, gas, electricity.

    “Inflation is now rising faster than wages and is expected to climb above seven per cent this year.

    “We know this will mean a further increase in demand for the services of local charities and community groups, and One Community Foundation will continue to support our community through these uncertain times."

    If you have been affected by this story and need support, you can contact Tanisha on 07957 067469, or on Facebook and Twitter.

    Tanisha Bramwell’s C.I.O base is now located in Dewsbury town centre in the West Yorkshire Hardship building on Church Street, WF13 3LA, and happily accepts walk-ins.