Could this painting on the side of a Dewsbury shop be a Banksy?

Roger Simpson first spotted the artwork last week.Roger Simpson first spotted the artwork last week.
Roger Simpson first spotted the artwork last week.
A Dewsbury artist believes he has spotted a possible Banksy artwork in the town.

Sixty-seven year old Roger Simpson was walking down Union Street in Dewsbury last week when he spotted a painting of Charlie Chaplin and a child peeking around the corner of a building, painted in a Banksy style.

Roger said: "I went down there a month ago and I never saw it then - I think it has been painted in the last few weeks.

"The thing that struck me was that it was a painting of Charlie Chaplin, who stayed a number of times at a hotel just a few hundred yards away on Daisy Hill.

"I am not saying it is Banksy, but I have seen pictures of his work many times and it is painted in the style of what he does his artwork in.

"Something that puts me off the idea of it being a Banksy is that I have been looking recently at Banksy's paintings and I have noticed they have little touches of colour here and there - this painting does not - but he has done some black and white ones as well.

"Banksy has been to Yorkshire a number of times, as I have found out through reading over the last few days.

“You just never know, do you?

"However, something which plays against it is that Banksy is meant to paint somewhere prominent, where this isn't really the place really - it's just a back street.

"Whether it is Banksy or not, I have no idea. I am not that experienced in his work - we need an expert.”

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