TECH TALK: The new ENACFIRE speaker buddy that will keep you entertained during lockdown

I have gained a new friend during the seemingly endless months of lockdown.

By Daniel Bailey
Tuesday, 12th January 2021, 7:00 am
The waterproof Soundtank can be safely used by the pool. Image: ENACFIRE
The waterproof Soundtank can be safely used by the pool. Image: ENACFIRE

Like millions of others affected by the coronavirus pandemic, I've spent more hours inside the home than ever before, with so much time to discover new hobbies and hone skills in areas I never thought could be improved.

Two big DIY projects were achieved, despite a lack of desire for taking on practical jobs, and a new inflatable hot tub was invested in for the garden - all in the hope of feeling a little better about life during tough times.

Throughout all of this there has been one constant by my side (along with my wife and pet dog, of course) and that's my new little buddy - the ENACFIRE Soundtank waterproof Bluetooth speaker.

The portable and wireless speaker can entertain the family anywhere in the home. Image: ENACFIRE

Sounds odd I know, but this small bundle of joy has kept me entertained while painting the kitchen, relaxing in the spa and even as background noise while working from home at my dining room table.

A major plus is its portability as the device is relatively small and wireless, so you can take it anywhere with you - even in a suitcase - without it taking up too much space.

Weighing less than 500 grams with two high performance 20W vibrating drivers and a Bass Plus mode, you'll be stunned by how good the sound quality is as the Soundtank more than matches my other much larger plug-in speaker.

Convenience is key when it comes to this ENACFIRE and thanks to its 160Hz-2000Hz frequency, you can generate true 360-degree surround sound from pretty much anywhere, indoors and out.

The ENACFIRE Soundtank has a certified IPX7 waterproof rating. Image: ENACFIRE

You might use it during an outdoor workout, take it on holiday (when we can have them again), play it in the kitchen while preparing a meal or just, like me, listen to it while chilling in the garden. And you don't need to worry about constant charging as this beauty gives you an impressive 24 hours of non-stop playing time.

Installed within the speaker's compact design is the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology which makes connection to your phone easy and it's even encouraged me to download the Spotify app, on which I now have a playlist longer than a pre-lockdown Aldi receipt.

There's also a unique bass adjustment button on top, which users can press for 50 per cent more bass to provide deeper and heavier audio while switching between soft and rock tunes. In fact, it's helped me rediscover my love for music again and also listening to sport on the radio.

The dual stereo pairing mode also enables two Soundtank devices to play simultaneously to generate double the volume and with a certified IPX7 waterproof rating, it's ideal to use by the beach, pool and during outdoor pursuits in all weathers.

The dual stereo pairing mode also enables two Soundtank devices to play simultaneously. Image: ENACFIRE

Despite its name the ENACFIRE Soundtank is hardly a tank. At just £49.99 from Amazon it's just overwhelming proof that great things can come in smaller packages.