Nostalgia: From the archives

In this week 25 years ago: A Dewsbury pharmacist warned that the wrong kind of treatment for head lice could result in the birth of a “super louse”, which would be resistant to all treatment.

Mr Robert Dunkley, of Eightlands Pharmacy, claimed that it was lack of knowledge which caused breakouts of head lice. He also moved to quash the stigma that only dirty people could get head lice. He said: “Lice love clean heads and the pairing of lice and dirty is wrong.” Mr Dunkley warned that lotions, shampoos and soaps could not prevent the onset of lice. He said: “Using these as preventative measures could actually contribute to the emergence of a super louse.”

Kirklees Council was forced to pay out more than £1,000 to a Batley woman after a dispute over a day nursery. Vivian Liversidge took councillors to task after they refused her permission to extend her Cross Bank nursery.

High interest rates were blamed for a drop in vacancies at job centres in Spen and Batley. The Spen Job Centre normally had up to 50 part-time jobs on offer but only around 30 were available. Job centre officials said there was around a 10 per cent drop after the rates were put up.