Help us commemorate Great War

LOOKING BACK The Reporter shares news of the outbreak of war with readers.
LOOKING BACK The Reporter shares news of the outbreak of war with readers.

Eight nations at war.

That was the headline on page five of the Dewsbury Reporter on Saturday August 8, 1914 – four days after Great Britain declared war on Germany. Scenes of great excitement were described as members of the Territorial Army were called back to Dewsbury by the War Office.

Great crowds surrounded Dewsbury Rail Station as the soldiers boarded trains to the barracks – and into a war from which they might not return.

And “lively scenes” were reported in Eastthorpe and Mirfield as local Territorials were called to take up home defence duties on the east coast.

To mark the approaching centenary of World War I, the Reporter will be looking back at the men of Dewsbury and Mirfield who fought for their country. We want to tell as many of the soldiers’ stories as we can, to paint a picture of the impact the war had on the town and ensure the bravery of so many local people is never forgotten. Throughout this year we will commemorate the Great War in the Reporter each week – and we need your help.

While the soldiers and civilians who lived through the war are no longer with us, many people will have grandparents or great-grandparents who shared the legacy of the war years.

Pictures, diaries, newspaper cuttings, letters and medals can help us to shine a light on what the people of Dewsbury and Mirfield endured between 1914-1918.

If you would like to share your family and friends’ stories of the war, on the front lines or back home, contact reporter Georgina Morris on 01924 487110 or email