Karen Wright: Use leftover hot cross buns for this delicious trifle after Easter

Former Great British Bake Off contestant Karen Wright shares her recipe for everyday happiness
Hot cross bun trifleHot cross bun trifle
Hot cross bun trifle

The sun has got its hat on, we can socialise with up to six friends in our gardens and things are feeling better.

I love this time of year, everything to look forward to.

The clocks went forward so we have more daytime and spring flowers are in bloom.

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On Easter Sunday I chatted on BBC Radio Leeds about hot cross buns.

Well, in fact, I chatted about hot cross bun trifle.

We often have leftover buns that need using up so I devised this trifle to use them instead of sponge cake, using orange jelly and tinned mandarins to marry up with the zest in the buns.

I made my own hot cross buns and my own custard, the custard in fancy lingo called crème patisserie.

However, for a fast result everything can be put together using packets of things, starting with hot cross buns.

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Just tear a bun up and place at the bottom of a glass or dish.

I add some triple sec, which is orangey. Good old sherry is always great.

Pour a little cooled thick custard on top.

Make an orange jelly and leave to set completely in a bowl.

Lay a layer of tinned mandarin oranges in the dish and sprinkle with some broken up Easter egg. Yum!

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When the jelly is set, spoon it over the mandarin layer, and then a layer of cool custard on top of that.

Whip up some double cream. I like to add a spoon of icing sugar and some vanilla extract, then I can call it Chantilly cream!

Spread or pipe a layer of Chantilly cream on the top and scatter some more bits of Easter egg on the top.

Of course, you can use any fruit you like, fresh or tinned.

The only tinned fruit I like is mandarin orange. It reminds me of childhood, so that is the main reason I use them.

I also add a little cinnamon to the custard, which adds an extra element to the trifle.

Happy Easter everyone!

For more tips and recipes go to http://www.karenwrightbakes.co.uk