Affordable legal help in Dewsbury, Batley and throughout Kirklees

An experienced solicitor working in Kirklees in Dewsbury is offering phone and email consultations for anyone needing his support.

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Wednesday, 23rd June 2021, 12:29 pm
Affordable legal help is available to people.

Baser Akoodie has been qualified for 30 years and specialises in personal injury, civil litigation, Family Law, Charity Law and Commercial Litigation.

But it’s his company’s forward-thinking way of working which has set him up to be the perfect, affordable solution during lockdown.

“Most people have only started working from home in the past year, but at Setfords we have been doing that for 15 years. Our company is very focussed on the wellbeing of the team, and working from home and working flexibly is a big part of that. Our clients range from the global to the local.

“So when lockdown happened and everyone had to change to suit, we were prepared and already had a system in place to offer remote legal services.

“We don’t have the overheads of a big office, and I’m self-employed, so can set my own costs and fees. People can be worried about seeking legal advice, concerned about the cost etc. But I am happy to talk to people informally by phone or email to give my advice, before they commit to anything.”

That advice may be that a case isn’t worth pursuing, which doesn’t earn Baser any money but can save people from going down a costly path.

He added: “With so many years’ experience I can do a lot of the work myself. That can mean we can resolve legal matters without having to use a barrister, which again saves people money.”

Helping local people around Dewsbury, Mirfield, Batley, Birstall, Spenborough, Beckley and Kirklees is crucial to Baser. Before lockdown restrictions he regularly gave free advice at various community centres and also at the Jo Cox Centre, and that’s something he is looking to return to in the future.

For now, he wants people to feel relaxed and comfortable about contacting him.

“People can be intimidated about contacting a solicitor, but it is just a profession. I may have qualified as an old school solicitor, but I use informal, everyday English, so people feel comfortable and fully understand what I am saying. I have adapted to the modern way of working and especially working through social media platforms.

“And being self-employed I can be very flexible about cost when it is required … I don’t have to answer to anyone and having that human touch and connection with my clients means I can negotiate fees to what they can afford.”

As well as his key specialisms, Baser can also be consulted about charity law, employment law, unfair and wrongful dismissal, redundancy and discrimination, will and probate disputes, residential landlord and tenant matters, family law – including divorce, contact and residence – civil and commercial litigation, debt matters over £10,000, mortgage repossessions matters, personal injury claims, professional negligence matters and house and business sales.

You can contact him on 01924 667536 or email [email protected]