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2020 Honda e

The 15 cheapest new electric cars on sale in the UK

The most affordable EVs available to buy right now

2020 has been a big year for electric cars.

Despite the difficulties faced by the car industry and buyers, sales this October were almost double what they were in October 2019 and there have been in the region of 20 new models launched or announced since the start of the year.

And with news the Government plans to ban all new petrol and diesel cars within a decade, there’s never been a better time to consider switching to an EV.

Some models, such as the Porsche Taycan remain out of the reach of most drivers and there’s no doubt EVs are more expensive than a petrol or diesel equivalent but a growing number are within reach of the average motorists.

Here we run down the cheapest new electric cars available to buy or order right now. We’ve discounted the £10,000 Renault Twizy on the grounds that it’s actually a quadricycle and unlikely to be anyone’s main means of transport.

All the prices listed here are before the Government's £3,000 plug-in car grant and excluding any special offers manufacturers are currently running.

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