Drink driving - how many units are in your favourite tipple?

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New guide helps track alcohol intake as pub reopening fuels fears over drink drive offences

The latest easing of lockdown measures has seen pubs and restaurants open full in most parts of the UK.

While that’s great news for anyone who wants to get out and socailise it has raised concerns among some observers that we could see a rise in drink driving.

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A poll of drivers by breathalyser firm AlcoSense found that almost a quarter (23 per cent) of those who planned to visit a pub this week expect to have a hangover the next morning but, despite this, 27 per cent said they are likely to drive.

A new guide offers an overview of the alcohol content of the country's best-selling bar drinksA new guide offers an overview of the alcohol content of the country's best-selling bar drinks
A new guide offers an overview of the alcohol content of the country's best-selling bar drinks

Separate research by Moneyshake based on data from the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency revealed that even with pubs closed for much of early 2021, since January an average of 770 people a week have been banned from driving due to being over the limit, raising fears this could rise as pubs reopen.

Motorists are being urged not to forget the limits or the impact alcohol can have on their abilities or the impact it can have on their lives. Driving while over the legal limit is not only dangerous but carries the threat of a fine, penalty points, adriving ban and even jail term if you are found guilty.

“Even if you don’t feel hungover, you’re 37 per cent more likely to be involved in a fatal road accident at just one eighth of the English drink drive limit,” commenteed Hunter Abbott, MD of AlcoSense. “It’s important to check yourself the morning after.”

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(Graphic Kim Mogg/ JPI Media)(Graphic Kim Mogg/ JPI Media)
(Graphic Kim Mogg/ JPI Media)

While a proper breath test is the best way to know if you’re close to or over the limit, being aware of how many units are in your drink can also help keep track of your alcohol intake.

To help with that Moneyshake crunched some numbers to find the number of units in some of the UK’s favourite drinks. While a regular shot or beer contains between one and two units, stronger brews such as cider or craft beer can reach three units or more in a single serving, with a glass of wine ranging from 1.5 to three units depending on the size of the measure.

Eben Lovatt, CEO of Moneyshake, commented: “Driving under the influence could see you with a driving ban of at least 12 months, an unlimited fine and even imprisonment for six months but this is not all it means for those who have broken this law. A conviction for drink-driving also means that your car insurance costs will increase significantly in the future. If you drive for work, your employer will see your conviction on your licence, and you may be denied access to travel to countries like the USA or get a visa to live abroad.

“So make sure that, if you plan on driving, that you stick to non-alcoholic drinks when you are out in order to keep everyone safe and avoid the serious consequences. It really is as simple as if you’re driving don’t drink and if you are tempted to have a drink leave the car at home.”

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