Little Layla's isolation routine

The Birstall Primary Academy student plans to keep herself busy and active during the school closures.

By Sal Wilcox
Friday, 20th March 2020, 11:53 am
Updated Friday, 20th March 2020, 11:54 am

The PM, Boris Johnson announced that as off today, schools will be closing for the majority of students.

This year's academic exams will not take place in England and Wales. Nurseries, private schools and sixth forms are also being advised to close.

However Layla Appleyard, age 6, has taken to YouTube to help boost morale and motivation during this turbulent time.

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In the video, she enthusiastically presents her school closure routine, filled with tips on how to avoid cabin fever and keep a healthy routine during isolation and social distancing.

Layla's mum Adele said: "The school has been great with preparing them to work from home. Layla being the little organised thing that she is, just wanted to make a schedule and it’s great to see her taking ownership of her learning and wellbeing.

"She loves making videoes and performing. We thought the video would help spread some joy and help keep people motivated during this weird time."

Adele, who is a personal trainer, believes that it is important that we try and stay active during isolation.

"It’s so important to try and keep a routine and stay healthy during this time. I know anxiety and stress can cause to not want to exercise or eat too little or too much, but staying balanced is going to help.

"Although technology can be used to spread fear, there’s so many people out there using it to make the situation better. There’s people making support groups and live streaming PE lessons, it’s just great to see that community spirit."

Make a routine and try to stick to it, even simple things like getting changed out of your pajamas and doing something productive.

Try to stay active and eat healthy.

If you can, get out the house in a safe and considerate way - like walking the dog in a quiet area.

Video call your friends and family so you can get some social interaction.