Batley grandma-of-two beats deadly Covid-19 virus and pneumonia

Two children are doing their part in the fight against Covid-19 after their grandma nearly died of the deadly virus.

Thursday, 30th April 2020, 4:13 pm
Updated Thursday, 30th April 2020, 4:16 pm
Mandy Fletcher, 54, with her grandchildren Charlie and Eva

Charlie Hicks-Fletcher, nine, and his sister Eva, seven, from Batley, are raising cash in a bid to help the Mid Yorkshire Hospitals’ NHS Charitable funds, which saved their grandma’s life.

The charity covers Wakefield’s Pinderfields Hospital and Dewsbury Hospital, the latter being where the duo’s grandma Mandy Fletcher, 54, was taken after falling seriously ill with coronavirus (Covid-19).

Charlie and Eva’s mum, Amy Fletcher, 31, said: “My mum (Charlie and Eva’s grandma) previously had pneumonia, and was unwell for a couple of weeks.

Amy with Charlie and Eva

“She had a temperature of over 39 degrees, struggled with her breathing and had a nasty cough.

“In early April she was taken to Pinderfields and was put on an oxygen support for five days.”

As well as being on breathing support, the grandma-of-two had blood tests and a heart scan.

“It was horrible, her oxygen levels were down at 88 percent and what made it worse was that we weren’t allowed to see her,” said Ms Fletcher.

Mandy with husband Stephen and her grandchildren

“We’re all such a close family unit, we were all trying to support my dad (Stephen Fletcher, 56) who had not been away from mum for 35 years.

“The test had come back positive and my mum had pneumonia.

“Our hearts sank, mum was fighting Covid-19 and pneumonia - but thankfully she continued to pick up.

“She was discharged after day five.

Pinderfields Hospital

“Pinderfields’ wards 42a and 45b will never know how grateful we are for all they did for our mum and family.

“Mum beat Covid-19 and pneumonia, not everyone is as lucky - we’re forever grateful so thank you to our NHS and Pinderfields.”

Mandy Fletcher is hoping for a return to work at Tesco in Batley and misses watching her beloved Batley Bulldogs.

Charlie and Eva aim to complete 500,000 steps, covering 16,000 steps a day, in May to raise funds for Pinderfields to show their appreciation.

If you would like to donate, visit: