Video: Toyota Hilux Bruiser vs 1:10 Tamiya Bruiser R/C

Video: Toyota Hilux Bruiser vs 1:10 Tamiya Bruiser R/C
Video: Toyota Hilux Bruiser vs 1:10 Tamiya Bruiser R/C

Quarry mud battle between two titans of their type: one big, one not so big

It seems amazing that Tamiya’s famous Hilux Bruiser radio-controlled car came out as long ago as the 1980s. We’re approaching the 2020s now but even the young tyros in our office know about the Bruiser R/C.

So does Toyota. In a reversal of the normal ‘real car, then model’ process, they’ve just built a full-size Bruiser, adapted by Arctic Trucks, to commemorate this landmark in R/C design.

Pitting these two legends against each other in a very much full-sized quarry might seem like a bit of a no-hoper for the one-tenth-size model but you might be surprised at what it can do.
Drifting, jumping, hillclimbing: these were just three of the activities our Matt and resident road test elf Alan found themselves doing – and that was before they even got near to either of the Toyotas. Things became even more interesting once actual faceoff got under way.

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