Take a look inside Emporium Snooker Lounge in BatleyTake a look inside Emporium Snooker Lounge in Batley
Take a look inside Emporium Snooker Lounge in Batley

Right on cue! New ‘welcoming’ snooker and pool lounge comes to Batley

Take a look inside Emporium Snooker Lounge, a brand new ‘welcoming’ snooker and pool centre which has opened in Batley.

Emporium Snooker Lounge, based on the second floor of Hickwell Mills on Hick Lane, opened to the public on Saturday, February 10.

The centre, owned by “snooker enthusiasts” Habeel Gul and Naveed Sharif, has 13 snooker tables, four pool tables, as well as numerous television screens showcasing live football, boxing and other sporting events.

Habeel said: “We have always been snooker enthusiasts and we saw a gap in the market. There were a few places around here which closed down and people were complaining that there was nowhere to go to play snooker. We thought it might be a business idea.

People are travelling to Bradford, Leeds or out of town to find these kinds of places. The gap was there so we looked for a place where we could have more than ten tables so we could occupy more customers. We didn’t want four or five tables where people are waiting around and waiting for their turn. We are on a different scale.

“We are family oriented. It is a good place to bring the family out to. Just come down and play. For us, it is not just about the money, it’s about making the customers happy and making them feel at home in a nice environment and a clean place.

“We have already been given good positive reviews. Word of mouth is our main advertisement. People have gone home and told their friends, and other people have since come to play snooker here.”

The owners are also hoping the centre encourages youngsters to attend instead of “hanging around on the streets.”

Habeel said: “Our main target was to get the youths off the roads. We don’t want them hanging around on the streets. At least they have got somewhere to come and play and enjoy themselves.

“We have started to work with Tanisha Bramwell who is bringing some youths in free of charge, so they’re not messing about. Their lives might turn around. We have also given a donation to her food bank. We’re here for the community.”

The centre, which also provides food, will be extended onto a second floor in the coming year, which will feature ten private rooms equipped with snooker tables and PlayStation 5 consoles.

Games of snooker at Emporium Snooker Lounge cost £10 per hour and pool is priced at £8 per hour.

Take a look inside Batley’s new snooker and pool centre, Emporium Snooker Lounge.

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