Business: Flog It and Antiques Road Trip expert opens new store in Cleckheaton

From vintage silver and Georgian collectables to valuations and quotes, a new antiques shop has opened in Cleckheaton this weekend - by a ‘friendly’ face seen on TV’s Flog It and Antiques Road Trip.

Barrie Naylor, 57, who has made several appearances on the BBC shows, opened Cleckheaton Antiques on Saturday, September 30.

Having dealt with antiques purely as a hobby before quitting the security industry in his late 30s, Barrie started out as a market trader before setting up Black Dyke Antiques in Queensbury.

Two years in a storage unit followed due to COVID-19 before he found the “perfect” location on Northgate in Cleckheaton town centre.

“Cleckheaton is a beautiful little place,” Barrie said. “I’d been looking for a shop in Cleckheaton for quite a while. The one we have moved to is perfect for what we want and it is perfect for what we do.

“We offer a friendly, knowledgeable service, we offer valuations and quotes, and we do a lot of antique silver, vintage silver, gold, ornaments, lighting and a lot of collectables from the Victorian and even Georgian eras.”

And the television cameras even turned up to the new store before it officially opened, as Barrie explained:

“I’ve been on tele quite a bit and used to get filmed quite a bit for Flog It and Antiques Road Trip. They’ve just been here to film before we even opened, which will be airing in the new year.”

Cleckheaton Antiques is open from Monday to Saturday, 10am to 4pm.

Here are 14 photos from the new store’s opening day.

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