Warm up with a comforting crumble

This lovely, comforting crumble is given some extra zing and a delicate touch of cardamom from Belvoir’s Rhubarb & Apple Pressé. The sweet-sour astringency of the rhubarb is the perfect foil to the buttery crumble topping

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Pam Lloyd PR Radish Recipes (7th December 2010)

Spiced radishes & pumpkin

The radish is a popular vegetable in India, particularly in the North where it grows abundantly, appearing in many different dishes such as sambar (a vegetable stew) and radish paranthas (an Indian flatbread). In this flavoursome dish, the radishes are stir fried in a heady mix of herbs and spices, while the sweet taste of the squash offers a delicious contrast to the radishes’ peppery bite.

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