TV Choice: What to download or stream this week

Get Out on Sky Cinema.Get Out on Sky Cinema.
Get Out on Sky Cinema.
The pick of the crop from the gizmos plugged into the telly from Saturday January 6.

BBC iPlayer: Taboo

Period drama series. It is 1814 and James Delaney reappears in London, a changed and haunted man, presumed dead in Africa many years before. His return finds his father, Horace Delaney, dead and a country at war with France and the United States.

BBC Three: Traders

Film: strong language and violence. Unemployed Henry Fox gets drawn into an internet game in which people in need of money sell their possessions and fight each other to the death, with the winner taking everything. The game is called Trading.

Sky Box Sets: Living The Dream

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Ever thought of packing it all in for a life in the sun? Well, that’s what Mal, Jen and their two kids do when they swap rainy Yorkshire for the Sunshine State. Their dream is to run a booming RV park in Florida, but it soon becomes clear that they aren’t going to be living the dream.

Amazon Video: Constantine

Seasoned demon hunter and master of the occult John Constantine is armed with a ferocious knowledge of the dark arts and a wicked wit. With the balance of good and evil on the line, Constantine uses his skills to find supernatural terrors and send them back where they belong.

Netflix: Star Trek: Discovery

Space, it seems, is still the final frontier, and we’re boldly going to explore it once again as the second part of the first season gets under way. Fans and critics alike were effusive in their praise for the sci-fi drama’s first nine episodes, which were set roughly a decade before the events of the original 1960s programme.

Sky Cinema: Get Out (Sky Cert 15)

With his mightily impressive directorial debut, Jordan Peele blends sharp racial satire with skin-prickling horror. Skins grad Daniel Kaluuya stars as Chris, a young black photographer less than thrilled at the prospect of a weekend trip to meet the folks of white girlfriend Rose (Allison Williams, Girls).

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She assures him that there’s nothing to worry about, joking that dad Dean (Bradley Whitford) would have voted for Obama a third time if had the option.

Still, he, wife Missy (the excellent Catherine Keener) and the extended family are somehow a little too chummy, and what’s with the two black servants who just smile blankly and barely utter a word? From Friday.

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