Towering ambition for anthemic act

A local act who take their cues from arena-sized headliners Muse and Bring Me the Horizon are having a release bash for their second EP.
Euphemia, who have members from Birstall, on a video shoot.Euphemia, who have members from Birstall, on a video shoot.
Euphemia, who have members from Birstall, on a video shoot.

Anthemic rockers Euthemia have roots in Birstall, Pudsey and Barnsley and hope their latest EP, End, will rocket them to new heights.

Bassist Jordan Johnston said: “We hope the EP gets some attention. Like every band we want to get big and we want to go on tour.”

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Euphemia are familiar faces at venues in Leeds and in Barnsley, which Jordan, 22, said has a surprisingly good scene for local bands.

The band has had a range of gig experiences from playing only to parents and the other bands on the bill, to big crowds singing back the lyrics to their tracks.

“It is a lot about performance, we try to put on a show,” Jordan said.

He said the sound on the new EP was clearer, more detailed and more professional than their previous work.

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“Musically we have progressed a lot as a band, especially with the details in the recording,” he said.

“The drummer and singer write chord progressions and riffs that shouldn’t quite work but they do – it gives it an edgier sound.”

End was recordede in Wigan and the high-quality video for the title track was recorded in a former factory in Manchester. Their music and videos can be found on the Facebook page

The party for the physical release of the seven-track EP will take at the Polish Club, in Barnsley on Saturday January 24.

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The band, which consists of Nathan Morris on vocals and keyboards, Alex Chandler on guitar and vocals, Thomas Brown-Bridge on guitar and vocals, Jordan on bass and Danny Jowett on drums and vocals, hopes the EP will be the start of a new chapter in their lives.

Copies of End will be available by contacting the band on Facebook. Digital versions will follow, and are to due to be available on iTunes and Spotify in the coming weeks.